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Mom cancels teen's birthday over fight with stepdad; gets chewed out by grandparents.

Mom cancels teen's birthday over fight with stepdad; gets chewed out by grandparents.


'AITA for cancelling my son's upcoming 18th birthday party after he threw his half-sister's diapers in the pool?'

I remarried after my late husband passed away. I have a 17 (soon 18) son, 'Jonah'. have a 6 months old baby girl with my current husband.

Jonah has been getting into lots of arguments with his stepdad lately. He's deadest on going against what my husband asks him and then argue when there's a punishment issued by me.

The latest argument was when my husband took the xbox Jonah received from me on christmas after refusing to help in an emergency. In retaliation, Jonah took all the diaper packs my husband bought for our daughter and emptied them into the pool causing them to get ruined. I was in shock when my husband told me.

I went home and Jonah was in his room. We had an argument and I decided to cancel his 18th birthday party that I chose to have at his favorite restaurant, I contacted all his friends and disinvited them, cancelled the gifts that I ordered etc. Jonah was in panic mood saying it wasn't fair and that my husband started this whole thing.

I refused to discuss it and he's now refusing to come out of his room and even talk to us. His grandparents chewed me out for this saying he's a kid and kids do stupid things in response to adults being 'jerks' to them. But take it out on his sister? They urged me not to make this mistake, but I refused to reconsider my decision. AITA?

Here's what people had to say:

heeseAndPasta97 writes:

Who wants to bet that the step-father is deliberately causing arguments so the son either gets kicked out or voluntarily leaves so he can have his small happy family?

NewJourneyBetterLife writes:

Mom of a toddler here. A box of diapers (depending on the size,count, & brand.) can range from like $10-$60. Even though $60 a box is a little steep, it still shouldn't justify the O.p. canceling her son's Birthday over. Poor kid 😞.

StrangledInMoonlight writes:

OP also didn’t listen to the son. Son says step dad started in, OP needs to listen. It’s very possible step dad is being an ass. And throwing diapers on the pool isn’t “taking it out on his sister”. It’s taking it out on step dad and mom.

Morella_xx writes:

Yeah, I think everyone acting like the diapers aren't a big deal either don't have kids, or had them long enough ago that they forget how expensive diapers are. My kid has been out of diapers for a while now but back then (~7 years ago) a big box from Costco was upwards of $50. I can only imagine how expensive they've gotten now.

chaserne1 writes:

Not extreme at all. He's 18 and throwing a tantrum i'd expect from my 6 year old. If he's actually turning 18 and he wants a party he can totally have one. You don't need permission to party as an adult.

Primary-Criticism929 writes:

Let me guess : the emergency Jonah didn't help with was... babysitting his sister ? YTA.

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