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Mom asks if she's wrong to not let husband cosleep with newborn son.

Mom asks if she's wrong to not let husband cosleep with newborn son.


Cosleeping is debatable subject in the parenting world. When this mom is annoyed with her husband for cosleeping with their newborn son, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for not wanting my husband to cosleep with our newborn son?'

I (24F) am a STAHM. Me and my husband (24M) just had a son who is two weeks old. I never co sleep with my son except on maybe 2 or 3 occasions when my husband was home with us and was able to watch us both.

However I have stopped doing this the past week since my husband returned to work. I just don't feel comfortable with it and it gives me more anxiety having him next to me in bed versus beside our bed in the bassinet.

Plus I honestly feel 'touched out' from holding my son since I am with him 24/7 anyways. My husband is a great father and helps out when he can but he has started forming a habit of wanting to cosleep during our naptime.

I can't watch them obviously if we are all napping and the way my husband cosleeps is unsafe (pillows around and he throws a blanket over him to keep him warm) I have made it obvious that it irritates and he tries to get me cuddle like make a sandwich with the baby but I have always refused.

I don't want to tell my husband not to cosleep with our son because it feels like AH thing to do. He doesn't get to see his son as much as me because he works. But I want my bed back. Our bed is only a full size. AITA for not wanting my husband to cosleep?

Let's see what Reddit has to say.

Depressivedeb87 writes:

YTA for even allowing it.Cosleeping can lead to a dead baby. Happened to my ex with his first born son. Mom put him on his dad's cheat while dad was sleeping. Dad accidently smothered the baby.

I only ever cosleep with kids for naps and in my recliner. I'd put them in my chest and fall asleep like that. Would always wake up anytime anyone else tried to touch the baby or me.

I'm not comfortable with sleeping in a bed with a baby as I am a restless sleeper and tend to toss my blankets off me and move around a lot.

sirensday disagrees:

NTA but I'm kinda on the fence about cosleeping in general. I've heard good and bad on both sides. I've heard parents who were unable to get their children to sleep independently.

I know that there some potential benefits to cosleeping especially for breastfeeding mothers but I'm not breastfeeding. Our bed is just a full size memory foam mattress and we are both smokers. I can't take a nap when he is cosleeping because it just gives me anxiety.

And maybe thats where I need to just compromise and give up my naptime so he can have that time to cosleep. His mom is a huge advocate for cosleeping and she did it with my husband and all his siblings.

My family however is totally against it. We have a mesh bassinet that sits right on the side of our bed but my husband wants to cuddle with our son.

Well, lots of opinions on cosleeping on Reddit. Is OP TA? What do YOU think?

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