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Parents to 9-month-old debate who should take baby to doctor during work hours.

Parents to 9-month-old debate who should take baby to doctor during work hours.


When this mom is fed up with her husband, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for suggesting that my husband take unpaid time off work to take our baby to the doctor, when I get PTO?'

My husband and I do not agree on this. At all. And I think a neutral perspective would be helpful. I’ll try to make this brief…

I get PTO and I have the option to work from home if I want to. My husband does not get PTO and the nature of his job requires him to be out of the house.

Now, we have an almost 9 month old and up until this point I have taken her to all her doctors appointments, and my husband accompanies me if it is a milestone check up and if it’s on a Friday (he is off on Friday’s).

But as is par for the course, she’s a baby and she gets sick or gets ear infections. If something comes up that requires a unscheduled appointment then I am the one to take her. I take time away from work to go and sometimes it takes a few hours. It has happened multiple times at this point.

Here’s where we don’t agree: I think my husband should also be responsible for taking her to the dr if something comes up, but he doesn’t agree because he doesn’t get paid for his time away.

We keep our finances separate so this does not impact me, but obviously missing wages impacts him. I am of the impression that that’s an unfortunate part of his job, but he’s still a parent and sometimes he has to do things that sucks.

He thinks because it’s easier for me and I still get paid then I should be the one to take time off for these types of appointments. So, AITA?

Let's see what Reddit had to say. People had a LOT of opinions. So much so that OP had to clap back with a rather upsetting response.

garyhadalittlelamb writes:

YTA. Instead of viewing his situation as an unfortunate part of his job, why not view your situation as a fortune benefit of yours? Because that's exactly what it is.

You can attend the appointments without losing any time or money but you want him to lose out knowing full well his job doesn't help him like yours helps you? That's insane.

kalitheblaze writes:

YTA. You’re in a lucky position where doctor’s appointments have less impact on you; he’s in an unlucky one where it has more impact on him. If this was a colleague or a stranger, it’d be fine to shrug this off, but it’s not.

He’s your partner. You want him to act like a partner and share the responsibility, but you don’t want to act like a partner and share the impact. Either take care of it yourself or recompense him for half the lost wages.

greekadjacent agrees:

I was going to say NTA but then you said “ we keep our finances separate so it doesn’t affect me “. Umm, you’re married and what affects one partner negatively should concern the other partner. So, YTA for that attitude. How about you let him take her to the scheduled visits on Fridays and you do the sick visits ?

At this point, OP is fed up! She claps back with this epic response.

lezyll responds:

Edit: y’all feel free to comment and debate in the comments, but I’m checking out. There’s a lot of assumptions being made here that are clearly wrong and frankly I don’t give enough shits to correct anyone.

This is not a major issue in my marriage AT ALL, just something we don’t agree on and I was curious about an outside perspective. We’re not arguing about it, and I’m not holding onto resentment.

He has not had to take time away to take her to the doctor, so everyone who is so concerned about his bank account can rest easy. It’s a pretty bank account though, I can promise you he’s not hurting for money.

I appreciate the people who acknowledge the long term impact this takes to my career as well, and I appreciate the people who were able to help me understand his perspective a little more.

I don’t think there’s a clear right or wrong here, as it is more nuanced than I made it out to be but I do have some good talking points now for the next time it gets brought up. Peace out.

Well, looks like OP is TA. But after her response, I'm not so sure. What do YOU think?

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