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Mom doesn't let emo daughter go to sister's wedding because of outfit; is called 'jerk.'

Mom doesn't let emo daughter go to sister's wedding because of outfit; is called 'jerk.'


AITA for not allowing my daughter go to her sisters wedding because of her emo outfit

I have two daughters Ashley (26F) and Alex (15F). I'm gonna start by saying they don't get along that well because of their age difference. Recently though they have been getting closer since Ashley let Alex help plan the wedding. It was really nice that she included her.

Well the wedding was yesterday and it was supposed to be formal attire, so we both got long dresses. Alex was supposed to wear the dress she got which was sage green. Alex normally wears emo clothes, which is fine. She came down in the green dress, but she had put a large slit in it that goes up to her thigh.

She also added a skull necklace, earnings, punk rock boots and really dark makeup. I told her to take that jewelry off quickly and give me the dress so I could fix the slit or at least make it shorter.

Alex got mad and said it was fine and was in the dresscode. I told her that she would stand out. I told her of she doesn't fix it then she can stay home. She refused so she missed the wedding. Ashley understood why her sister wasn't here, but my husband was furious with me and called me a jerk. Alex is still not talking to me also.

Responses to comments:

I got there really early before the wedding and brought the issue up in person. Ashley was still getting ready, that's when we had the conversation. She agreed it would be best for Alex not to come.

I also texted my daughter that if she changed the outfit I could pick her up in time for the wedding, no response. I am fine with her expressing herself, she picked out the dress and she told me what she was gonna do for her makeup.

The day of the wedding she did all of this. The slit was so high I could see her underwear when she walked fast, not to mention the jewelry was huge. I just don't get why she would do that. It was inappropriate to dress like that for the event. There is a time and place.

Ashley and her husband paid for the wedding, both girls have the same dad.

Here's what people had to say:

Melon_Science writes:

NTA, it was attention seeking (even if that is her style) a wedding/formal event is not a time and place to express yourself. You were looking out for the bride/your daughter.

willreadforbooks writes:

Fun fact: my teenaged cousin showed up to my wedding in ultra low-rise jeans (it was the Britney Spears era after all) in which her bright red thong was clearly visible. Still gets brought up to this day! 🙃

Same-Farm8624 writes:

My son was considering dressing like a goth in middle school. We showed him an old SNL goth video. He never dressed goth. NTA.

sweetrollconsulting writes:

YTA but I know exactly where you're coming from.

UsusallyKindaHappy writes:

YTA. It was your way or the highway, clearly, and not allowing a 15 year old kid to express herself and be at a family event makes you the wrong one. You saw the situation as black and white and it was not. I think you might be trying to justify the decision by saying they don’t get along, so therefore it was ok she missed her sister’s wedding, but sheesh. The kid is 15.

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