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Mom gives daughter's passport to her landlord to get revenge. AITA?

Mom gives daughter's passport to her landlord to get revenge. AITA?


When this mother is upset with her daughter, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for giving my daughter's passport to my landlord?"​​​​​​

I live in 3rd world country in what is considered illegal accommodation. My landlord who built the houses here charges me a monthly rent but keeps coming up with reasons to demand extra money like needing it to pay the city so they don't destroy everything even though he is well connected to city bureaucrats.

My daughter left the country about one decade ago and went to England and recently came visiting. She now works in London and make sixty thousand pounds a year and I know she has about 8 thousand pound saved.

I asked her for some money to help as my landlord recently asked more money and I have to pay for a training course for my son and my sons wedding. With the landlord's new request I will have little left.

She said she cannot help despite having so much and claims she needs money for a new rent deposit when she moves and says she has loans. Yet I know she travels a lot and posts pictures but she claims it is for work.

I tried to plead with landlord to no avail but he said if I give him my daughter's England passport and make sure it is not reported lost before 2 weeks he would not ask the money and give me 5 months off rent.

This agreement would help me a lot so I agreed and secretly gave it to him. I didn't tell my daughter until 1 week when my landlord said is ok and said to say it is lost and not stolen.

My daughter got very upset with me and is barely speaking to me but she has declared it lost and will get another one and just had to move her flight a little bit.

I know it is technically not right and landlord is into many wrong businesses but I don't feel like I was not justifies as she would not help me and I found a way where there is no negative consequences to her besides returning a few days late. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

oddend1405 writes:

YTA. You KNOW you committed a crime, right? Do you have ANY idea what kind of trouble your daughter could face depending on what he did under her name with her documents? Do you even love your daughter, or is she only someone to help you financially? Let us hope she is okay and she cuts you entirely from her life.

antiquead writes:

So you commit a crime to help your landlord come in a crime so that you can still live in an illegal apartment and you're mad that your daughter didn't help you. I hope when she gets her passport she never sees you again.

You are basically a criminal who wants to help other criminals. Your daughter's name and passport will not be used for a legal activities and you think this is okay because it helped you and hey forget your daughter. She doesn't matter.

I hope she realizes that she should never talk to or see you again and run as fast as far away from you as possible. YTA and a criminal.

potentialleather6 writes:

YTA bigtime. If I were your daughter I'd go no contact and never see you again.

Looks like OP is TA. Any advice for them?

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