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Mom makes steak for dinner with son's vegan GF, son snaps, mom says 'I forgot.' AITA?

Mom makes steak for dinner with son's vegan GF, son snaps, mom says 'I forgot.' AITA?


Hosting a dinner party, only to find out one of your guests has dietary restrictions after you've cooked can feel devastating.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for not cooking something her son's GF could eat. She wrote:

"AITA for not cooking something my son's girlfriend could eat?"

I am 40f and have a son 17m, he has just gotten his first girlfriend and both me and his dad were very thrilled by this! We asked him if she would like to come over for dinner so that we could meet her and get to know her. He asked her, told us that she would love to. This was about two weeks ago and we set up a date (the dinner was Thursday night so just yesterday).

I cooked what I always cook when we have guests over (if it is not a specific type of dinner). I just throw together a smaller caesar salad as an appetizer and then serve a steak with potatoes that I have on the pan with butter, garlic, and some bacon. Since I was cooking I just greeted her while my son, her and my husband were sitting in the living room. When dinner was ready, she did not eat anything.

My son threw me nasty looks but did not say anything, I asked her if she wanted something else but she just kind of awkwardly said that it was fine. When I bring out the main dish, she did not take anything this time either.

I felt so bad that I did not make anything that she liked, I told her that I would love to throw together something for her but she turned my offer down and told me that it was just nice company and the food was not the main part, but she was sure it was good. It went great, she left, and immediately after my son blew up on me.

He asked me why I would cook everything with animal products when I knew she was a strict vegan, I felt kind of bad and thought that I had just forgotten about it, I asked him when he told me that and said I was sorry. He told me he said that when we talked about inviting her for dinner, my husband just chimes in with “No son, you did not.”

My son is still insisting that he told me and that he made sure several times that I was still on track with that, but I have zero recollection of that. I don’t know if I am just extremely forgetful and he is right, he is so insistent that he told me and I feel like maybe he did, I mean it is his girlfriend and he know I always cook with animal products, so why wouldn’t he?

So am I the AH for not cooking anything she could eat? Maybe I should have asked him what she liked to eat and asked if there was something she couldn’t.

Redditors shared all of the thoughts.

MyNextVacation wrote:

NTA, but if you want her to feel welcome, invite her for a homemade vegan dinner this weekend.

And OP responded:

I think that is a good solution! Thanks!

TheOneAndOnly75 wrote:

NTA... more than likely, he forgot to tell you, and he was embarrassed. By your account, the girlfriend handled things quite well, and you should be proud that your son is with a kind partner. Like someone else suggested, I would reach out to her, apologize for the miscommunication, and invite her back over for a new vegan meal.

BandicootDry7847 wrote:

NAH. We have a rule in our house for the 'I told you/I imagined I told you/you forgot' stitch-up. Instead of running ourselves in circles, we accept that somewhere things got lost and we work to find a solution for next time. Maybe he told you, maybe he told you in a different context and it slipped your mind, maybe he didn't tell you at all.

Ask him to drop his defences and ask if he wants to be right or to solve the problem and the latter is what you're interested in. Ask him if you can have a re-do and ask him to help you with the menu.

ForestElemantal wrote:

NTA. You didn’t do it out of malice, it was an honest mistake. Things happen, and your son should not have blown up on you. You can try inviting her over again, and maybe her and you could make something together that she likes.

chickadeedeedee_ wrote:

NTA. If someone is a strict vegan, one would think that would be mentioned more than once anyway. Even if your son mentioned it in passing, he should've reminded you again when dinner was approaching or when he knew you were buying groceries. Did he not notice the ingredients set out or in the fridge ever?

OP is NTA here, she's clearly caring and wants to make her son's GF feel welcome.

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