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Woman tells mom not to kiss her newborn on lips, mom says she's overreacting.

Woman tells mom not to kiss her newborn on lips, mom says she's overreacting.


When this woman is frustrated, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for telling my mom not to kiss my newborn?'

I (24F) just had a baby and I have a rule about not kissing my baby, which really isn’t a hard rule to follow and it’s for his safety. in the past I’ve told my mom not to kiss my baby because she would often get way too close to his face and he already had a bit of a rash so I told her to back up.

Fast forward to yesterday and she kissed my baby directly on the lips , like full on lips to lips ( I cringe just typing this ) .

When she did this I clicked out and yelled at her not to kiss my baby in the face she said she didn’t kiss him on this face just on his lips. I said it’s the same thing and on the lips is even worse I don’t want him to get sick .

I continued to shout and told her we don’t even kiss him on the lips (when I say me I mean me and his dad ) . She said I was overreacting and I told her This kind of thing makes me uncomfortable to let you watch him . She isn’t taking to me now so AITA?

Let's find out.

hope1910 writes:

NTA. Send her the article of a baby who contracted herpes after someone with a cold sore kissed her.

YOU are the parent and YOU make the rules. If she can't follow them, she doesn't get to hold the baby.

Let her silent treatment be a trial run of 'time-outs'. Any time she refuses to follow your rules put her on time out from the baby. Being a grandma is a privilege, not a right.

Let her be the person to reach out to you. If you reach first, it will solidify in her mind that she is right.

fightinggravity writes:

NTA. There are articles on the internet about why people from outside the home shouldn't kiss a newborn. Kisses can be deadly. I recommend providing your mom with several links to why newborns shouldn't be kissed on the mouth. And stories from parents whose babies have died by someone kissing them.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. How do YOU deal with a pushy grandma?

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