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Mom and newborn move into RV after MIL and husband try to 'give it away.' AITA?

Mom and newborn move into RV after MIL and husband try to 'give it away.' AITA?


When this woman is upset with her MIL and husband, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for moving me and my newborn in to the RV after my MIL and husband tried giving it away?"

I'm feeling incredibly grossed out so maybe this is hormones talking. I just gave birth a couple weeks ago. Back in March my husband and I bought an RV for $2,500 that needed new floors, some patch work on the roof around the sky light windows and some updated appliances.

All summer we worked on the RV and sunk in over $4k. The only thing left to complete is updated appliances but it's not a necessity. Obviously since we just had our baby though, that's being put on hold.

But we still intended on having it completed by next summer so we could go camping and traveling around for a few months. That's why we got the RV to begin with.

Now, my husband's sister "Jamie" (38) is having marital problems apparently and for whatever reason my MIL thought it would be okay to tell Jamie she could HAVE our RV, since we "aren't using it anyways".

We are in no contact with Jamie following her running her mouth about us to the rest of the family because I refused to watch her dog for free anymore because I was heavily pregnant and her dog is a big, untrained nuisance. We haven't spoken to Jamie in at least 3 months.

We went 100% no contact when we found out that she was heavily trashing our names. So why MIL would give our stuff to Jamie baffles me on many levels. Therefore, when MIL came here and said "I told Jamie she could have your RV because she needs to get out of her house.

We already have renovation plans for the camper." I was pissed. I asked her why she would give away shit that isn't hers and why she would think this was acceptable. She pulled the "family helps family" and "pay it forward" talk.

And much to my surprise, my husband said "whatever, she already told my sister she could have it and maybe it's good karma" (he was pissed but still agreed to just give it away).

I basically told them both to go F themselves because I worked HARD on this RV all summer, while uncomfortable and pregnant and I will be damned it's given away to a no contact family member, right from under my nose without even asking.

My husband told his mom he would bring the RV to his sister's within the week. Without doing much thinking at all honestly, I packed up me and the baby and moved us in to the RV.

I'm not okay with giving away the RV and they both know it. So I took the extreme route. My husband says I'm being overdramatic and that we can just get another RV "eventually" (we can't afford to buy a new one come camping season). AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

danicamps writes:

You've got a problem with your boundary-stomping in-laws and your husband who just lets them. Why on earth would your MIL give anyone your RV, much less one you've worked on for months And why is your husband letting her walk all over him?

So "family helps family," huh? What has Jamie done to help you? She's having a fit because you don't want to watch her dogs and talking smack, and you're supposed to just give her an expensive RV? I don't think so. NTA.

mban4 writes:

NTA. Your husband and his mom and his sister are majorly AH. Who does this - just give away an RV that's worth thousands of dollars without asking the people who own it?

I assume it's a marital asset as you and your husband both sank in money and work into the RV> This is a red flag, especially after you gave birth, and even more so after you said NO?

Your husband problem is more terrible than your in-laws problem though. Why is he not supportive of you and your desires? Has it always been this way in your marriage? If in the future your mom-in-law unilaterally gives away more of your belongings to others, is your husband going to still talk about good karma without supporting you?

What does this mean for your child that their father won't support their mom? You have to think carefully about your marriage. For now, try to have your own friends and family to support you - you're post-partum...

and your physical and mental health are definitely going to be impacted by all this stress, and in turn, affect your baby. Please remember, sometimes abusive behavior ramps up after men think they've trapped a woman completely by impregnating them. I am sorry this is happening to you.

tarzanhealth writes:

NTA. If mom wants to help her daughter. She needs to provide her own resources. How dare she try and just give your property away. Your MIL is an awful person and your husband is a pathetic child.

Looks like OP is NTA here. What do YOU think she should do?

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