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Mom of biracial kid asks if her reaction to be called a 'nanny' was wrong.

Mom of biracial kid asks if her reaction to be called a 'nanny' was wrong.


'AITA for acting like I didn’t know my son was Asian?'

Title sounds a little weird, but I didn’t really know how else to phrase this.

I (22f) have a 1yo son called Rue with my bf Sean (23m). I’m North African and Sean is Asian. Our son happens to look like a carbon copy of him. We joke that my genes weren’t used at all in the creation of this baby lol, so I’m aware that he doesn’t look like he’s mine.

I was at the grocery store picking up a few things when this woman came up and started a conversation with me. She was asking about Rue, how old he was, his name, things like that. Then she asked how long I’d been nannying for his parents.

I assumed she thought that initially because I am kind of young and I know most people don’t have kids as early as I did, so I told her that actually I was his mother.

She sort of frowned, looked between my baby and then me before saying “but he’s…Asian.” She said the word “Asian” in a really weird tone? Like she didn’t like saying it?

The mature thing probably would have been to tell her that he’s Asian because his dad is Asian and biracial people do in fact exist, but instead I just gasped dramatically and went “oh my god are you serious?”

I picked Rue up and held him at eye level while asking how he was able to pull the long con on me and hide his true identity for so long. He giggled, which made me laugh, and the lady looked bright red and very annoyed because people were looking at us.

She told me that she was just surprised because he doesn’t look anything like me, and I replied that I was surprised too obviously because today is the first day I ever took in any of his ethnic features.

Then she said that I could have just answered the question she was obviously asking instead of making a public scene. She walked off still looking pissed, but I just finished getting what we needed and then left.

I was telling my mom about it because she called when I got back to the house, and she also thinks I should have just informed the woman that my son’s father is Asian instead of acting like a fool in the middle of the produce section.

Maybe it was a bit of a jerk move to do it the way I did? But I mean if I tell you the kid is mine and you think the kid doesn’t look like me, wouldn’t the next best conclusion be that they look like their other parent?

I just want outside opinions on if I was being an AH about this.

Here's what people had to say in the comments:

Encartrus writes:

Ahahahahahaa you absolute legend. F**k yeah. NTA

throwingaway123678 OP responded:

Honestly, you’d be surprised how many people ask me if I’m the babysitter every time I’m out with my kid lol.

rapscallionrodent writes:

I have a friend who is young and Irish living in the US. She's constantly asked about her nannying her own children because of her accent.

bennuthepheonix writes:

I absolutely loved this, I mean if you go around asking stupid questions you're sure as hell gonna get stupid answers.

Fire_or_water_kai writes:

Epic response! You don't owe anyone your child's family history to appease any ignorant people. NTA

ApprehensiveTortoise writes:

She's the a**hole and you're hilarious.

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