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Mom shamed for sending son to preschool instead of homeschooling shares story.

Mom shamed for sending son to preschool instead of homeschooling shares story.


In a post on Reddit a mom struggled with the idea of sending her kid to preschool, and her family didn't make it any easier, so she shared her story and asked Reddit for help. Here's how it played out.

My son is 3 will be 4 in February. I have him signed up for preschool and it starts tomorrow. My fiancé is 100% on board with him attending. It’s only 3 hours, I can pick him up and drop him off Monday-Friday.

The only thing that’s holding me back is my unsupportive family. I get mom shamed from my own mother and cousins that I want to take my son to preschool.

For example, “ I love my kids so much I can’t imagine taking them to preschool.” “ do you know how many kids get abused in preschool?” “ do you know how sick he’s going to get by taking him to school? You’re going to expose him to all of that?”

My cousin who has 2 kids (4F) (1F) holds herself on a pedestal because she’s choosing to homeschool her kids. So she’s insinuating that I don’t love my son as much because I’m sending him to preschool instead of homeschooling.

The list goes on and on on how I’m a terrible parent for wanting my son to go to preschool. I mainly want him to go because I don’t want the transition from being with me all day to now being gone for 6 hours in kindergarten. I also want him to get the proper social skills before preschool. I guess I’m just looking for some support or advice :(

UPDATE: so I just dropped him off. He was really sad so was I. I’m sitting on the couch crying. But meeting his teachers (3) and all his classmates along with their parents I feel comfortable leaving him there. The place looked like so much fun. This is both new to us we’ve never been apart. But I know he’s going to grow and thrive at his preschool.

Thank you EVERYONE who shared their stories. I read all of your success stories and thank you for your support. I don’t know if I would’ve been so strong without all of your guys amazing stories about preschool. I really appreciate all of you mommas ❤️

People in the comments had her back.


It’s very, very normal to go to preschool at age 3 and 4. Tell your family to STFU.


I love my kids enough to know that I would be a terrible teacher. I have to use autocorrect on an almost daily basis for the word separate...


So her kids won’t know how to interact with other kids. Won’t know how to interact with adults either and will be generally stunted.


This is wild to me! My 3, soon to be 4, year old has been going since she was 2. She loves, learns so much (not just letters and things), and it gives me a much needed break. Ignore them and enjoy!

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