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Mom snaps at son's rude pregnant GF; 'you can't live here if you don't respect me.'

Mom snaps at son's rude pregnant GF; 'you can't live here if you don't respect me.'


Parenting a teen is one thing, but parenting a teen who is about to become a parent themselves? That's another level of parenting that few are good at. Particularly, if your kid's partner isn't someone you like.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for kicking out her son's pregnant girlfriend over her disrespectful comments. She wrote:

"AITA for telling my son's pregnant girlfriend that if she keeps disrespecting me she can get the f out of my house?"

I (43F) have a son (18M) who got his high school girlfriend (18F) pregnant. It was obviously an unplanned pregnancy and it resulted in my son's girlfriend getting kicked out of her house by her mom. I never liked this girl, but I obviously couldn't let her on the streets now that she's carrying my grandchild, so I let her live in our house.

Now both she and my son gave up on college for the near future and my son is now working a full time job so he can provide for them in the future. The problem is that his girlfriend refuses to do anything, but absolutely anything all day, she just locks herself up in my son's room eating snacks and watching videos on (my son's) computer.

I need to drag her out to just help me with cooking and to clean up at least the room she's staying, but she's always b*%$#ing about how I'm working her like a sl@ve even tho she's already in constant pain cause of her pregnancy and then she'll come crying to my son about my treatment of her.

Mind you, she doesn't have a high-risk pregnancy (I know that cause me and my husband are the ones fully paying for her medical controls) and I don't put her up to do tasks like cleaning the toilet or anything similar.

However, she really crossed the line when after I got dressed up she asked me where I was going and when I told her that I'm getting ready for church, her exact response was: 'I didn't know there were churches that were allowing people looking like striptease dancers in.'

At that point, I absolutely had it with her and I told her straight that I don't care who tf she is, I won't allow her to disrespect me while living in my house and if she can't keep her attitude in check then she can get tf out of my home.

She pretty much started crying at that point and immediately called my son, who later on also gave me attitude for treating her girlfriend like garbage when I don't know what she's going through (eye roll).

My husband also thinks that while she was definitely out of line with that, she was probably only acting out cause of pregnancy hormones and that I could've handled the situation better without straight-up threatening to leave her homeless. AITA?

People weighed in with all of their thoughts.

GroundbreakingTwo201 wrote:


You should make it clear to your son that his girlfriend needs to earn her keep ASAP.

KronkLaSworda wrote:

NTA. She needed the wake-up call. You're all she has. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

'Called my son, who later on also gave me attitude'

Son also needs a firm reminder of who is doing whom the favors.

Ok-Education-9235 wrote:


Son said you don’t know what she’s going through? Does his dumb@$$ realise where he came from?

People_Watcher9306 wrote:

NTA. Keep your word of kicking her out if she's disrespectful again. You are paying for her everything! She's not being mistreated. Pregnancies do not cause un-abling pain and she could at least do the bed. She's an ungrateful entitled brat. No hormones cause this rudeness and lack of consideration.

NTA - She is enjoying free room and board and wants to actively insult the one providing it? BAD MOVE! Her pregnancy hormones can take a hike or she can get them under control like a sane individual.

MsJamieFast wrote:

OP - You do need to sit down with your son and his girlfriend and discuss everything that you expect from them, and everything that they can expect from you. Don't leave anything out here because you cannot be sure that either one of them understands the depth of what you are doing for them. Include a move-out plan as well - so everyone is aware of when that will be.

Create a list for chores - GF must also help prepare all meals. She needs to learn how to keep her family fed and clean. This is also a good reason for her to help - she needs to learn how to do these things in order for them to move on and take care of their own family once they are able to. If she can't show some respect at all times while she is a recipient of free housing and food, she can go get it elsewhere.

OP is definitely NTA, her son and his girlfriend need a wake-up call before it's too late.

Sources: Reddit
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