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Mom tells daughter 'if you want to be a dog, I'll make you eat like a dog.' AITA?

Mom tells daughter 'if you want to be a dog, I'll make you eat like a dog.' AITA?


Sometimes, parents have to get creative in order to curb their children's bad behavior.

But, one mom may have taken it a bit too far when her daughter was going through a phase where she insisted that she was, in fact, a dog.

'My sister wanted to eat like a dog so our mom made her eat like our dog.'


My sister was obsessed with 101 Dalmatians and decided that from the moment the film finished, the only way she was going to eat was like a dog.

When I say she ate like I dog I don't only mean that she lapped up her food with her tongue but also that she would not use any tables or cutlery and would only eat off the floor, couch or anywhere else our dog felt appropriate eating.

My mom spent DAYS convincing her that this was a terrible idea. Telling her that she should eat at the table with the rest of the family. Eventually my mom got sick of this and made a plan.

If my sister wanted to eat like a dog then she was going to really EAT like a dog and I'm sure you can see where this is going.

My mom decided that my sister was now only going to be fed dog biscuits for every meal until she figured out that being a dog wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

To my sister's credit, she really managed to hold out for a lot longer than I expected for an 8 year old. She held out for a solid day and a half before she decided that she couldn't do it anymore.

Anyway, her favorite movie is Aladdin now.

Here were the highest rated comments from readers:


One of my cousins went through a phase where she insisted she was a chicken and would only eat cornflakes, because of the rooster on the box. Kids are weird.


Thought she was gonna be eating canned dog food lmao!!!


Your sister should have read the book. I distinctly remember a scene where the dogs eat buttered toast. She could have won that one.


My niece for awhile like to pretend she was a dog and would run on all fours all the time. One time when I went to the bathroom she came running down the hallway in the middle of the goddamn night in the dark in all fours and I almost punted her, she scared the sh*t out of me so much.


You are required by sibling law to bring this up to any future romantic partners.


Only dog biscuits? Clearly, she should have also been fed a bowl of spaghetti, too.


That's Lady and the Tramp.


No, that’s amore.


After a day and a half, did she sit up and beg for better food?

So, Reddit obviously doesn't seem too concerned, but do you think this mom was awful for doing this? Or, did she turn to drastic measures to get the best result?

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