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Daughter won't speak to mom after being told she needs to move in with dad.

Daughter won't speak to mom after being told she needs to move in with dad.


In a post on Reddit a woman is struggling with what to do now that there's not enough space in her house for all her kids. She made an unpopular decision, feels bad, and is asking for advice. Here's her story...

'AITA for asking my daughter to live with her dad?'

I have 2 kids(F10,M7) and I'm pregnant with the 3rd. My daughter is from a previous relationship and I have full custody of her and her dad has visitations. My husband and I weren't planning for another child but it happened.

We live in a 2 bedroom home and my husband and I both work full time but we don't make much money. There is absolutely no way we can have 3 kids so my husband and I decided that it would be best if my daughter lived with her dad.

It's also better for her since she is going to be a teenager soon and she won't want to share a bedroom with a boy and a toddler.

I explained to her that I love her but this is the best solution for her. She was supposed to go after the baby is born but she called her dad a few days ago and left. I've been calling her dad but he says she refuses to talk to me. My parents think I'm an a**hole. I feel terrible but I think I did what was best for her.

Clarifications from OP:

Easy-Locksmith615 says:

If you can't afford 3 children, why do you have 3 children? YTA

aita71926 OP responds:

I wasn't planning for 3. Birth control can fail


Abortion, adoption, drop off at fire station. I don't care if your current husband wants a bio kid, you have a legal and moral obligation to your daughter. If it means your current husband leaves you, then he's no good and it is what it is.


aita71926 OP responds:

You think abandoning my child to live with some stranger or worse, end up in foster care is a better solution than sending one if my kids to live with her other parent?

And the jury says:


Oh, you are so much TA. You threw your own daughter away because she was inconvenient to you and your current husband's family building. Shame on you! Of course she doesn't want to talk with you.




What... Did... I .... Just.... Read... YTA op. Your daughter just got rejected for a baby. Poor kid.


Are you posting this to try to justify your actions? If there's 'absolutely no way we can have 3 kids,' you should have taken necessary precautions to not get pregnant again.

You basically abandoned your oldest child. You deserve to feel terrible and I hope she finds the love that she deserves with her father. YTA in case you're too blind to realize it.

Almost 2000 comments and counting, and they're all YTA...

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