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Mom accuses teenage daughter of faking Tourette's syndrome, husband disagrees.

Mom accuses teenage daughter of faking Tourette's syndrome, husband disagrees.


When this mother is torn, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for Calling Out My Daughter for Lying About Having Tourette Syndrome?'

I have three daughters, 'Catherine' (21), 'Alexa' (17) & 'Mia' (14).

Catherine and Alexa are very sweet and we rarely argue at all. My daughter Mia is also an incredibly sweet and precious girl yet I get into arguments with her frequently especially as she has attention seeking tendencies.

Over the course of a few months, Mia has started to blurt out random words and aggressively move, (shoulder shrugging, head movements, etc).

She's also been making weird noises, I never asked her and ignored it as I thought she was doing it because she was seeking attention.

A few days ago we were sitting at the dinner table and she kept making weird noises and moving and wouldn't stop, it was incredibly disruptive. My husband got very worried and started asking her if everything was okay, trying to console her, I got mad and told him to leave it as she was probably just seeking attention.

My daughter bursted out in tears and wouldn't stop crying. My husband got up and took Mia with him to go outside.

When they came back she calmed down. I told her to stop making noises and to stop moving weirdly, she told her she couldn't control it to which I found ridiculous because she hasn't done anything like this in her whole life.

She said she believes she may have developed tourettes and wanted to go to a doctor. I told her tourettes don't develop like that and she should've told me earlier. I also pointed out how it just magically disappears whenever she's doing something she likes.

My husband is furious with me and so are my daughters, everyone in my house is giving me the silent treatment. My husband said he would be taking Mia to the doctors but I'm not letting him.

I told some of my friends and they all agree that my daughter is faking it. AITA?

proudmillenial writes:

YTA. Your daughter has issues and should see a professional in any case: if she fakes it for attention as you claim, or if she really has developed Tourette. Both cases aren’t good and you should seek for medical advice.

beaarthurismymom writes:

NTA. Mia is 14. And I’m wondering if she’s on TikTok. There is a huge influx of kids pretending to have various disorders, ESPECIALLY Tourette’s, DID, and autism (particularly stimming).

Tiktok is flooded with fakers and people giving “self diagnosing” advice with self-assigned authority that doesn’t actually align with these disorders. and if Mia is watching them, her algorithm will keep pumping that information to her.

Well, what do YOU think? Is OP in the wrong? Is Mia faking?

Sources: Reddit
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