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Dad decides to punish 'extremely rude' daughter by not letting her study for school.

Dad decides to punish 'extremely rude' daughter by not letting her study for school.


When this dad is fed up with his teenage daughter, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for stopping my daughter from studying as a punishment?'

6throwaway79 writes:

I have a daughter(16) who is unlike any teenager I've ever seen. The problem is she is extremely rude. I've tried many things to fix this but nothing works. I never had these problems with my other kids.

With them I could just say no electronics for a week or ground them or something like that and it would be enough but not for her. She doesn't care if I take away her electronics she just picks up a few novels and starts reading them.

She will actually be glad if I ground her and use it as an excuse to avoid all our family gatherings like 'oh we are going to aunties home tonight? I wish I could come but I'm grounded' and then happily goes to her room.

The only thing that she likes is studying. Like she will spend hours studying. Last night when she was talking to her mom she was being rude and very sarcastic and as my last option I told her that she is not allowed to study until I decide she has learned how to talk to her mom.

She started to yell at us and called me an asshole and said it's not fair. Then she called my brother who called us and told us we are assholes for not allowing her to study but she gave us no other choice.

Let's find out.

sireyn argues:

YTA and your daughter's attitude issues aside, you have no idea how rare your daughter is. You have a kid who shrugs at her electronics being taken away, and happily picks up novels in their stead?

She enjoys studying and will spend hours at it without prompting? Did we step through time into some pre-Internet wormhole where kids actively pursued and actually enjoyed reading things other than screens?

It must have crossed your mind that your daughter could simply be neurodivergent or in need of therapy, and her perceived rudeness may be greatly tempered through feeling like her family is actively trying to understand and embrace what makes her unique, rather than punish her for not falling in line (and expectations) with your other kids.

tinyrascalsaurus writes:

YTA. It sounds like she misbehaves to get grounded, which could be a social or anxiety issue. She needs therapy, not punishment.

jawknee5031 makes a great counterpoint:

Man I really don't understand you people. You've all decided entirely on your own that OPs daughter is neurodivergent therefore she is beyond punishment? Or that the things she enjoys are different than normal so she just can't be punished by her parents?

I guess a kid that likes reading means they are above any and all reproach? Wtf is going through all your heads? NTA OP if normal punishment doesn't work for your kid that doesn't mean you just give up JFC reddit...

To which OP 6throwaway79 controversially replies:

Yeah and she is not even neurodivergent.

Looks like OP is TA, or is he? What would YOU do in this situation? And is this daughter neurodivergent? Or is Reddit overreacting?

Sources: Reddit
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