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Woman locks mother out of her house after 'creepy' behavior in kitchen.

Woman locks mother out of her house after 'creepy' behavior in kitchen.


When this woman is angry with her mother, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for banning my mother from my house after she cooked in my kitchen?'

I (24F) have banned my mother from my house and taken her emergency key.

I did this after I found out from one of her friends who was disgusted, that she was sneaking into my house and using as many plates, pans, silverware and the like in secret, cleaning them and then putting them back, with the express purpose of breaking my kosher status of the kitchen.

I confronted her, she admitted, it, saying that my becoming Jewish and going kosher was “an insult” and she had supported me through my conversion because she thought I’d realize how stupid it was, and when I didn’t she felt stuck.

So, she had been secretly sabotaging my kosher kitchen to show that “there was nothing different after she cleaned.”

I took her key and banned her from my house because she broke my trust. It's creepy. And hurtful. She and my dad have been blowing up my phone as I’ve been rekashering everything.

Everyone in my family is calling and leaving messages, calling me the asshole, and my aunt (mom’s sister) is saying I’m being ridiculous and said “honoring your mother and father is more important than keeping kosher.”

That made me start questioning my decision and after a sleepless night, I needed outside perspectives.

I’ve called a locksmith because it’s an old house, but more upsetting, after a piece of advice from here, I checked my mezuzahs and the scrolls are missing. I’m trying not to freak out, and contacted my shul to see if I can get into the Judaica shop.

EDIT 2: Thank you to everyone for the support! I’m amazed and touched by everyone’s kind words. I’m heading to shul for Shabbos and thank you all again. I'm NTA right?

This is wild. Let's find out what Reddit had to say.

daisdukedesdu writes:

Beyond how disrespectful she is, this is also really creepy and violating. She’s acting like a predator who goes in and does gross things to a woman’s belongings to get off on knowing she’s using them with zero knowledge he touched them.

You are NTA, there is something deeply not okay with your mother.

innermasterpiece writes:

NTA. You need to let the raw emotion subside a bit so that you can think rationally. You should leave an avenue open in case your mum comes to her senses and decides to accept you for who you are.

Having said that, you should let her know that she has no entitlement to any respect from you until she can respect you, your beliefs, and your home. I would suggest a time out until this can be achieved, if ever.

I guess she's blown the chance of any alone time with any future grand kids. She'll try and corrupt them for sure.

I'm an atheist by the way, but would never treat an acquaintance like this, let alone family.

My kids tried to declare themselves atheists when they were young, but I shut them down and told them they hadn't learned enough about religion to make an informed decision.

I have never asked them since about their beliefs as its none of my business. Each to their own.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Do you have any advice for her?

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