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Parents refuse to give up baby's plane seat for disabled man, they get called 'selfish.'

Parents refuse to give up baby's plane seat for disabled man, they get called 'selfish.'


Flying is generally uncomfortable, no matter how you slice it, which is why a lot of people plan ahead to make their flight as smooth as possible. However, sometimes these plans take a backseat to the collective needs of the flight.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for not making her child move to accommodate someone with a disability. She wrote:

"AITA for not making my child move to accommodate someone with a possible disability?"

My husband and I were flying yesterday with our 1yo. He’s very active so we always buy him his own seat rather than putting him on our laps for the flight. We had bulkhead seats (those at the front of the cabin with extra legroom).

When we boarded the flight attendants told us to belt baby to one of us parents for takeoff and landing and that once the seatbelt signs were off we could settle him into his own seat. That was all fine. I put him in my lap and belted him to me while I was waiting for other passengers to board. As the last people were boarding another flight attendant (FA) came toward us with a tall guy using a cane.

She pointed at the empty seat between me and husband and asked the dude if that would be okay.

Husband said “excuse me what do you mean?”

FA: “This gentleman is in some pain and needs space to stretch his legs, the only bulkhead seat we have open is between the two of you. If you’d like to move next to each other I’m sure the gentleman wouldn’t mind sitting in the aisle or window.”

Me: “That’s not an open seat, that’s baby’s seat.”

FA: “Madam children under 2 aren’t allocated seats. Please let the gentleman sit down.” (We had blankets and a couple of kiddos toys on the middle seat.)

Husband: (taking out passports and boarding cards to show her.) “Yes we know you don’t give infants seats which is why I paid for it my son is sitting here, I’m not holding him for a 10-hour flight at night. We planned ahead, and I’m sorry but this man can’t sit here!”

FA went and got the head flight attendant who agreed with us and they carried on to find the dude an open aisle seat.

Flight took off 15 minutes later so I’m assuming it all got sorted but when we told husband’s family after the flight his parents started going on about how that’s what’s wrong with this generation - apparently we don’t consider others enough!

The internet had OP's back.

Intelligent_Echo7998 wrote:

His poor planning does not sacrifice an adjoining seat that you planned and purchased. The attendant was trying to bully you into submission. The basic needs of your family comes before the comfort of a stranger. 10 hours in your lap sounds miserable for kid and parents. NTA.

Unfair_Ad_4470 wrote:

NTA. Family is. You paid for the seat (NTA). Gentleman didn't seem to make a big fuss from your comments (NTA). Flight attendant - junior because FA had to check with head attendant (eh...mostly NTA). Family telling you that you not giving up your seat is totally what's wrong with 'this' generation... yep, this 65-year-old tells you that they are the A H.

ShannonsParade wrote:

NTA. Tall guy with cane should have purchased seats with extra leg room if it was going to be a problem for him.

Swirlyflurry wrote:

NTA. If he needs extra room to stretch his legs, it’s on him to make sure that happens. He can book a bulkhead seat himself, or he can let the airline know that he needs accommodations ahead of time. Just showing up and expecting other people to figure out accommodations for you is not how airlines (or life in general) works.

OP is NTA here, the man on the flight simply needed to plan better.

Sources: Reddit
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