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Parents threaten to kick out 19yo unless she washes her own underwear; she refuses.

Parents threaten to kick out 19yo unless she washes her own underwear; she refuses.


'AITA for not wanting to wash my own underwear?'

I, 19F have been living with my parents 49M and 39F my whole life. I do other chores, but they’ve always took care of the washing and never wanted me to do it. A few months ago my mum came to me and told me from now on I need to wash my own underwear.

I asked why and she said my dad said it’s inappropriate for him to be touching my underwear because I’m his daughter. I was immediately disgusted and argued with my mother about it and she seemed to let it go. My dad never mentioned it and I thought it was over.

But then again a few days ago, my mother came to me again with the same request and again I asked why it’s inappropriate and fought against it as I found it disgusting that my dad thought about my underwear in a sexual way.

This time my dad did actually get involved and said from now on I need to wash my own underwear and they will get me a separate washing basket just for my underwear. I refused and they said if I don’t comply I will be kicked out the house.

For some information, I don’t wear any “sexy” underwear. I just wear normal cotton briefs so I am beyond confused by this. Also they have not once asked me to wash all my clothes, just specifically my underwear and both my parents are okay with washing my clothes

So am i the asshole for refusing to carry out this request?


MY PARENTS DONT WANT ME TO DO MY OWN SEPARATE LAUNDRY. I’ve said this explicitly in the post. They want everyone’s washing to be washed at the same time EXCEPT my underwear and my underwear only.

It’s not up for debate me doing my own laundry, they don’t want me to and i contribute to the house in other ways. Even if I wanted to I wouldn’t be allowed to as my parents are stingy about water and electricity.

No dirty underwear is touched. Everyone puts their underwear into the washing machine and then the underwear is only touched when it’s clean to put it in the drier and then fold it.

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