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People applaud dad's response to son's 'gender disappointment' about his baby.

People applaud dad's response to son's 'gender disappointment' about his baby.


'AITA for my response to my son's 'gender disappointment'?'

My son and his wife are expecting. They came over to visit after they found out the gender of the baby (a girl). My DIL was complaining about how my son reacted. He was upset and was giving her the silent treatment and lashing out at the slightest attempt to speak to him.

I talked to him at dinner table although he tried to cut the conversation. He then got upset and told me that his reaction was 'reasonable' since gender disappointment is a thing and having a girl is a valid reason for this.

I responded with 'Well, not necessarily...for example...I have a son and I feel disappointed right now!!' He looked at me with shock while the others chuckled than got up and stormed off.

He left later without talking to me but told his mom about how hurt he was by what I said now she telling me I messed up, invalidated his feelings and should apologize. AITA?

Here's what people had to say:

conchitu writes:

NTA and I commend you for the way you reacted. Especially as a man. Clearly your son didn’t get his horrible misogynistic views from you.

throwra434678 OP responded:

As a man, I love having daughters. Maybe it's because I don't have any? But he's my only son. And I love him but unfortunately we tend to disagree on plenty of things.

Xyrolink writes:

Damn, that's cold, and 100% accurate. Bravo NTA.

throwra434678 OP responded:

He's my only son so I'm pretty sure he understood what I said right away.

Bored-Viking writes:

NTA it was the lesson he needed... and please reach out to him and let him know that there is a female in his house who is not happy with his statement that females are less then men... and if he doesn't cut the crap soon he will end up without his child (and still have to pay for it the next 18 years)

pecanorchard writes:

NTA, gender disappointment is a feeling, not an action. His actions toward your DIL are completely unacceptable, and make him look like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum.

blu-cinna writes:

NTA you said what needed to be said and if he keeps up this attitude his daughter will one day be disappointed in having him as a father.

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