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Pregnant vegan woman steals fried chicken from sister, sister is livid.

Pregnant vegan woman steals fried chicken from sister, sister is livid.


When this woman is angry at her pregnant sister, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for refusing to share my fired chicken with my vegan sister?'

My sister (24F) has been vegan for years. She met her husband (25M) in 11th grade, they watched some documentaries together and BAM - they've been annoying vegans ever since.

They've calmed down a lot recently, though, which is nice, but man, those high school days were rough. Anyway, the three of us all live with my parents due to financial reasons and since my parents won't let any of us pay rent we do all the cooking/cleaning.

Now, as for me, I (23F) will NEVER be vegan because my favorite food is fried chicken. Ever since I was little, I would always ask my mom to make fried chicken. I know how to butcher and fry my own chicken from scratch, and it's a weekly ritual for me.

On fried chicken nights, I'll usually have my sister make the sides so she can make them vegan and still eat with us.

The problem is, she always moans about how watching me butcher and fry the chicken makes her sick and she's even tried getting me to do the butchering another room while she's in the kitchen, which is never gonna happen because that's both unreasonable and unsanitary.

Well, here's where the story turns - my sister is pregnant, and now she's been craving fried chicken. She literally eats KFC behind her husband's back.

She even bought a mini-fridge to put in the garage behind the spare fridge where she hides entire buckets and eats out of them throughout the course of a few days while her husband is away at work (he's a trucker).

Needless to say, I find this hilarious. I keep telling her that she just needs to tell her husband and he'll understand (I know him really well, I don't think he'd freak out if she just explained it due to cravings) but she refuses because she's the one who made him go vegan in the first place and she doesn't want to be a 'hypocrite'.

Now here's the story - last week I'm frying up my chicken, and BIL is out on the road. My sister is behind me making the usual sides, and I notice she's staring at my chicken.

As everything starts As everything starts getting plated, she asked if she can just have a drumstick. Um, no. The drumsticks are MINE, everyone in the family knows this.

She then asks if she can have a thigh. No, those are Dad's favorite pieces. She asks for a wing, and no again, those are Mom's favorite pieces. She asks for a breast, and I say no again, because I like to save those for making wraps the next day for lunch, and she can eat her hippie crap she normally eats.

She gets super pissy at me, complaining loudly the rest of the time we're cooking, all the way to when we finally sit down for dinner. She manages to bully my parents into each giving her a wing and thigh from their own plates, and they're all still calling me an asshole for it.

But it's my chicken! And after how much shit she's given me for butchering my chickens, she can't just suddenly act as if she's entitled to it! AITA? I'm making fried chicken again tonight, so should I offer to share my chicken so my family doesn't get mad at me?

Well, let's find out.

disappointingdad writes:

NTA, however, isn’t hiding the fact that she ate chicken from her husband is more of a hypocrite than just being honest? lol.

your sister is bad for bullying others to give her their precious fried chicken, If its me then i will have a petty revenge moment or something(I will be an ah of course). But what ever you’ll do, stay healthy and craving for fried chicken!

lawfulnice writes:

YTA - Pregnancy cravings are no joke. My sister had a daughter a few months ago and could only keep down super spicy food the whole time she was pregnant. It might not just be that she wants chicken, it might be the only thing she can eat without getting sick, especially if her body wants more protein.

She really should just tell her husband, but I understand the shame of it. Don't out her on it, either, if you were thinking of it. Apologize to her and take her to KFC for lunch on a girl's day out or something.

Well, is OP ta? What do YOU think?

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