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Pregnant woman berates bitter SIL, 'Your Emotional infertility ISN'T REAL.' AITA?

Pregnant woman berates bitter SIL, 'Your Emotional infertility ISN'T REAL.' AITA?


When this pregnant woman is fed up with her in-laws, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for generally being rude and insensitive to my in-laws?"

I (F29) am pregnant with my first at the moment, and five days past my due date. My MIL (F57) has kindly offered for my husband (M30) and I to stay with her, as she is much closer to the hospital and it makes more sense.

We gladly accepted, but the hitch comes with my SIL (F25) who is also staying with MIL and is very much an attention seeker. Normally I don't bother her and she doesn't bother me, but everyone under the same roof reached boiling point last night.

My SIL was left at the alter seven months ago, and has been devestated by the whole thing. Her horrible ex ran off with another girl on the day of the wedding, and I cannot imagine how she feels.

That being said, she has now diagnosed herself with "emotional infertility". I am not a doctor to know if this is even real, but she says that it is infertility brought on by extreme emotional trauma. How does she know she has this? She "felt [her] womb break on the wedding day."

Again, this hasn't been an issue because I generally steer clear, but I was getting quite uncomfortable at dinner last night after sitting for too long, and made a joke about serving baby an eviction notice.

My SIL immediately burst into tears and said that I was lucky to even be able to experience pregnancy, and that my comment shows how ungrateful I am.

I said that I was not ungrateful, I am just uncomfortable and impatient to meet baby. My SIL then started crying harder and said I was rubbing the situation in her face when I know about her emotional infertility, and I was also being insensitive by being so callous as to threaten a baby with eviction.

I told her it was a joke, and she said, "I could never even joke about doing that to someone I am supposed to love." She also said I clearly lacked the empathy to be a good mom.

I don't know what came over me, but I just couldn't listen to this anymore and told everyone that this discussion was all a bit much and I was going to bed. I will admit, normally I help with clearing up and washing, but I just got up and left.

Soon after, my MIL came after me and said that she couldn't have me in the house unless I apologise to SIL for hurting her feelings, and I apologise to MIL for being a bad house guest and not helping.

She said I need to be more understanding if I want to be a successful mother. MIL said that I had until tomorrow's dinner to apologise and find a way to make it up to both her and SIL.

When my husband came up, I was telling him what MIL had said, and he agreed with her and said she wouldn't be out of line for kicking us out. Now I am starting to wonder if I really am being an AH?

Let's see what readers thought.

itsnotmanual1984 writes:

NTA. You SIL has a mental issue not "emotional infertility". That does not mean your comments did not hurt her. Most likely they did. however, you can not be walking on eggshells all the time.

Your husband should have your back and his behavior i the most concerning. I would move back to your place and tell your MIL and SIL that they can see the baby when they apologize to you.

muntjackdrownr writes:

If emotional infertility were an actual thing, I wouldn’t be on birth control. She was left at the alter and that, while horrible, is something she needs to move past. Your MIL is biased because its her daughter, but enough is enough, and your HUSBAND…I’m pissed off FOR YOU.

I’d check into a hotel close to the hospital and inform them that until they apologize to you, they will not be made aware of when you go into labor. Your MIL, I assume, has given birth, she should EMPHASIZE WITH YOU.

SIL was dumped in a terrible terrible way, but is she going to keep up with the nonsense of “EMOTIONAL INFERTILITY” when she starts having s** again? NTA. Ps, your husband sounds like a d**k.

phineasgester writes:

Girl NTA. Your SIL needs therapy and I would say you “snapped” in a very level headed and reasonable way. I would personally not have left it at “this is all a bit much” and leaving quietly, kudos to you.

In all seriousness she needs to do something proactive with her “emotional fertility” like I don’t know … going to a medical specialist, rather than using everyone around her as a crutch.

Looks like OP is NTA! Any advice for her?

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