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Man asks if he was wrong to report neighbor for breaking no-dogs rule.

Man asks if he was wrong to report neighbor for breaking no-dogs rule.


Rules are rules, but everyone breaks them sometimes. I personally jaywalk pretty much every day. Also, my no-dog building is full of dogs. This guy decided to take justice into his own hands, and his rationale is pretty shaky.

Here's his story...

I live in a building where pets are strictly verboten, you can’t have one even if you own the apartment.

Last week, I was leaving the building with my 6 year old and another resident was coming down the stairs with some tiny dog in her tote bag. My daughter started fussing as I’ve told her it’s not me against us getting a dog but it’s the building rules. My daughter wanted to know why this lady didn’t need to follow them.

The woman stopped and asked my daughter if she wanted to say hi and that the dog was friendly so I decided to call her out on breaking the rules. She said it wasn’t her dog and she was just sitting for a week whilst her friend had a baby but still, the rules are strict. Dogs can mess up communal areas.

She said that is why she was carrying him but said he wouldn’t be a bother as he’s super old but she still has to let him roam to do his business.

It got a little heated and she said she had to go walk him, I told her if I saw her again with the dog I would tell her landlord and she literally rolled her eyes at me and said whatever like a child.

I sent a message to the building group chat about it and was mainly ignored, except for one person who said they’d spoken to the neighbour and her dog and they were both nice but that’s not the point. My child now thinks I’m either lying about the dog rule or that rules don’t matter. My wife thinks I overreacted.

OP answered a few commenters:

PuppyPunter21 said:

NTA dog shouldn't be the building at all.

helpmeouthereaita OP's response:

Exactly, what if someone has allergies

CommunicationOdd9406 said:

ESH. As a parent I also would have explained to my child she was breaking the rules. However I wouldn't have gone and tattled on her.

helpmeouthereaita OP responded:

I didn’t see her again with the dog so didn’t tell her landlord. I don’t think she gave him back though as the other neighbour mentioned seeing her a few days later.

Lots of people thought YTA:


You def overreacted and YTA for it. Maybe do a better job communications with your daughter instead of complaining to other people in a group chat.


YTA - the rules say you can’t own a dog and she doesn’t own a dog. If your relationship with your daughter is so tenuous that she doesn’t trust you and thinks you lie then that’s a you problem.



Buildings with pet policies have policies against pets living in the building. Helping out a friend, not even letting the tiny dog touch the floor is as careful and thoughtful as it gets.

Also even the strictest pet policies have ADA accommodations. You probably have neighbors who have service dogs too.

So there you have it. What do you think? Puppy narc did the right thing, or he's a psycho that needs to chill the f out?

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