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SAHM says husband's work-from-home hours are interfering with her therapy. AITA?

SAHM says husband's work-from-home hours are interfering with her therapy. AITA?


When this SAHM is angry at her husband for interrupting her schedule, she asks Reddit:

throwaway775035 writes:

'AITA for asking my husband to cut from his WFH hours so I could do my meditation therapy?'

I f33, sahm with 3 kids, have recently started meditation therapy. My husband's the breadwinner, used to work less hours but now works from home with more hours which forces me to do more childcare and it means less meditation therapy time.

He acts like he's not home when he's working from his office and ignores or gets mad when I ask him to watch the kids while I have my therapy. He told me to stop trying to make him watch the kids when he's working even after I told him I have therapy. I didn't stop giving him the kids to watch while I have my meditation session which made him get a lock.

That made me angry and frustrated, I had a huge fight with him telling to cut some of his work hours but he said he won't because his job is important while as my therapy can be done any time of the day, but I 'choose' to do it when he's working and isn't available to stay with the kids.

I told him schedule is important and can not be rearranged. he called me inconsiderate for wanting him to cut on his work hours just so I could meditate. I got offended by how he said it like it was a silly thing of me to do. He exited the room after calling me stubborn and horrible for 'messing' with livelihood. AITA?

Let's find out what the other internet users had to say.

Benyver writes:

NTA. Likewise husband should not lock the office door and if work hours are excessive to the point where OP does not have the time during the day for therapy that is not fair either (see my point about work day being 10-12h each day).

duckinmyheart makes this counterpoint:

YTA. When a person is working from home they should absolutely be treated as if they are not home but in the office, the fact that your husband had to get a lock shows just how intrusive you have been.

Yes, being a SAHP is work, and hard work at that, I absolutely don’t want to minimize the amount of work you have looking after 3 kids and a home. Unfortunately SAHPs do not earn income for all their hard work, so your husband needs to focus on his job during work hours to provide for your family.

vestiminferever writes:

NTA .If your husband unilaterally picked up additional hours that makes him an ahole. Use that additional pay to hire childcare.

Well, jury's out on this one. Is this SAHM being ridiculous? Or is the husband the real AH? Maybe THAT's why she's so desperate for meditaiton...

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