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Mom furious at man for not helping her child who fell; asks if he was wrong.

Mom furious at man for not helping her child who fell; asks if he was wrong.


When this passerby is faced with a moral dilemma, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for not helping a child when they fell over?'

offmychestthroaway writes:

Today I (19m) was waiting for my girlfriend at our local park, I was waiting on a bench looking at ducks in the pond when a child right in front of me off his scooter (probably 6) fell over.

I laughed, not out loud, the child was crying being dramatic when it’s mother came rushing in checking if hes bleeding (he was not he wasn’t even scratched) the woman looked up at me seeing me slightly grin asking why I didn’t help him.

I responded “he isn’t hurt so why do I need to help him” she got pissy and said “if he was bleeding from his head would you help?” I said “no probably not”.

She started having a go at me acting like I should of helped a random dramatic child up from the floor when he isn’t even injured. I walked away and from a distance you could hear her yelling.

I can’t tell if I wasn’t the a**hole or I was cause he ain’t my kid he ain’t my responsibility.

Let's see what the Redditors had to say on this one.

naivedeath1489 writes:

NTA you’re male. Protect yourself, I mean what if you had helped the kid and the mum yelled at you for touching her child… I mean if it was a serious accident definitely help. But under those circumstances definitely NTA.

tredmillies disagrees:

YTA. If a child falls and is crying it’s basic human kindness to go over and ask “are you ok?” You don’t have to scoop him up and do anything else but you failed to show basic empathy and instead you grinned like a heartless jerk.

locamam88 writes:

NTA - chances are if you had helped, she’d have a fit for you touching her child. Sometimes you just can’t win.

Looks like jury's out on this one. Should this man have gone over?

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