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Mom has been sneaking laxatives into her daughter's chocolate milk. AITA?

Mom has been sneaking laxatives into her daughter's chocolate milk. AITA?


The Chocolate Milk Trojan Horse.

'AITA for slipping laxatives into my daughter's chocolate milk?'


My 33f daughter 8f, has had really bad constipation recently.

She had not pooped in over a week and was so uncomfortable. We took her to the dr and she prescribed us an oral liquid laxative ( the only other option was a suppository) and said it should make her poop.

My daughter HATES taking medicine and every time I try to give it to her its a huge battle that ends with crying and screaming etc.

And this time was no exception, my daughter would not take her medicine no matter how much i tried bribing her. I really didn't want to have to give her a suppository so I thought I'd trick her.

I slipped her medicine into chocolate milk and gave it to her, I told her it was a new brand that they came out with and we're out of the regular kind. She didn't seem to notice much difference in the taste.

It worked like a charm within 20 minutes she ran to the bathroom and dropped a big poop and felt alot better. I continued this process until she was back to being regular.

She is back to pooping every day now and is back to being her normal self.

I feel kinda bad because I don't like lying to my kid but she needed the medicine and wasn't taking it otherwise. AITAH?

Here is what readers and fellow parents had to say:


Nta. If you think you are the only parent to ever hide medicine in something for a kid to would be mistaken.


Nope, NTA at all. You were doing what was/is best for your child. As the mom of 2 chronically constipated children, you do whatever you have to. Constipation can lead to many other issues.

My 8 y/o ended up with an e. coli infection in her bladder, I had a doctor (her pediatrician was out that day) tell me it was bad parenting because I couldn't get her medicine in her. I do the same thing (hide it in a drink).

No, not bad parenting, my daughter DOES NOT drink (struggle to get her drink more than 10 oz a day of anything), her pediatrician is well aware of this and never would have said this.


I have to do this with my 3 yr old. He will NOT take medicine willingly. Not even for ice cream. And I would gladly give him whatever he wanted if he would take his medicine. But it goes into his chocolate milk and he drinks it.


NTA. For about a year our daughter got a morning cocktail of chocolate milk with a shot of prune juice.


I think she'd rather you do that than wait until she needs a suppository. That would certainly be one of the next steps.

So, fellow parents, do you agree with the readers? Have you ever had to trick your kid in order to help them?

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