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Woman GHOSTED by stepdaughter after she asks to borrow bikini. AITA?

Woman GHOSTED by stepdaughter after she asks to borrow bikini. AITA?


"AITA for yelling at my stepdaughter?"

Today I 34F yelled at my stepdaughter 16F because she did not let me borrow her bikini. Lets call my stepdaughter Sarah. Sarah didn´t let me borrow one of her MANY bikinis to a family pool party.

Sarah has never really liked me even though I've always treated her like my own. She has always been very cold to me since i married her dad. My husband 43M always tells me to wait for her to come around, but its been 5 years and Sarah always loves to remind me on how I am not her mother and never was and never will be.

Yesterday I flipped at her since we are hosting a pool party/barbecue in our backyard for our family. I asked Sarah if I could borrow on of her bikinis since I recently lost TONS of weight (33 lbs) and we are about the same size (both hips and cups).

She yelled at me and said that she would never let me borrow her anything especially not her swimwear and slammed the door in my face. I started crying and went to her dad and told him about her absurd behaviour. She has not talked to me since and has completely ghosted me.

Her dad said that he would talk to her about it but hasn't yet. He says that he totally agrees with me and that I´m in the right and she is just being dramatic and b&^chy. I do not have time to go buy any swimwear and now i do not know what to wear at all. I care about my looks since I´m quite conventionally attractive and know i dont even want to host this event anymore.

Sarah's behaviour has ruined this get together for me and her dad. MIL called today earlier and called me some names and my great husband uninvited her from the family pool party.

This resulted in a big chaos since she was going to bring most of the snacks and me and husband are very busy with other things and Sarah won´t come out of her room. I´ve tried talking some sense into her but she won´t listen to me or respond to me.

Husband is very stressed about this whole situation and so am I. We both think she should just borrow me the bikini for the day. After all she has so many of them and if roles swapped I would´ve happily gave ger my bikini. So reddit, AITA?

Let's see what internet users had to say.

wonderlate2808 writes:

YTA congrats on losing the weight but she doesn't need to share her clothes with you. They belong to her she can lend to whoever she wants or horde them to kingdom come trying to go around her to her dad is not going to make her want to share with you or like you in anyway. Honestly you across very negatively here.

okcontext1168 writes:

YTA. And completely entitled and absurd. I'd never ask or expect anyone to ask me to 'borrow' a bikini. Then you started crying when she said no? Grow up. You can ask and the answer can be no.

You literally could have ran to Target and got a decent bikini. Then your 'great husband' defended you when your MIL called out your ridiculous behavior. Um, ok. Your step daughter didn't ruin anything. ALL of this is on you OP!! And your husband for not standing up for his daughter and condoning this stupidity.

mmocktailqueen writes:

YTA Bathing suits are pretty intimate articles of clothing, just a step removed from underwear. I wouldn't even ask my sister or best friend to lend me one (whereas a dress or blouse, I would.) You know your SD unfortunately doesn't like you so it's not surprising she doesn't want to you to wear her things.

How do you not have a bathing suit if you have a pool? Even losing a lot of weight (congrats on that,) you didn't lose it all last week and the summer is almost over. What have you done the rest of the summer? Just get one overnight from Amazon.

Looks like OP is TA here! Any advice for her?

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