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Stepmom installs security camera to spy on 'lying' stepdaughter. AITA?

Stepmom installs security camera to spy on 'lying' stepdaughter. AITA?


When this stepmom is furious with her stepdaughter and installs a security camera, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for throwing away my stepdaughters birthday cake?"

I’ve been in Emilie’s life since she was 14, she is now 17. My god has it been rough, she is with us 50 percent of the time and when we she first moved in we had a whole conversation about how to make this as easy for everyone as possible.

If I have an issue I will talk to my husband and he handles all the discipline. This is a double edge sword. She is as sweet as honey when her dad is there moment she gone she is an asshole.

Her favorite thing for her to do at the moment is ruin my food. If I am cooking she will dump salt into the stew or other things. It’s so frustrating and I haven’t been able to catch her. My husband knows and asked about it but he won’t discipline her without proof.

So I set up a mini camera in the kitchen. Today I was making her cake (birthday in a week but was going to surprise her before she went back to her mom) I put them in the oven and she goes over, takes them out and dumps a ton of salt on top of it.

I threw them out and told her that was her birthday cake and she’s not getting a cake now from me. She goes to her father and tells him I messed up the cake and won’t fix it for her.

He comes home pissed at me and I show him the video, he now even more pissed that filmed in the house even though this has been a problem for a while and he wouldn’t do anything. Everyone is calling me a jerk and I don’t know now. Should I just remake the cake . AITA?

Let' see what internet users had to say. They were torn!

pretzelmamma writes:

NTA, I'd be asking the husband how exactly you were supposed to prove it without cameras? Sounds like he's angry he now has to deal with his daughter more than anything.

beautifulebening927 writes:

Do not remake the cake because you are NTA. I mean, you could have played like you didn't know and served her the cake. Either way I feel like the end result would still be the same! I know it gets thrown around so often but I would seriously reconsider this relationship.

Your hubby should be supportive of you and upset with his daughter. I get having your kid's back but the child is clearly sabotaging to the point you sought proof, and then got said proof. What more does this man need to grow a spine with his child? If he doesn't address it now it will only get worse!

slackerchic writes:

She's probably acting up because she knows you resent her presence and doesn't feel wanted. Soft YTA. Her behavior is childish because she is a child. As a stepparent I understand that it can be difficult, but ultimately you are stepping into their world, not the other way around.

Have you ever tried talking to her one on one or spending some bonding time together? Maybe showing her how to bake/cook, since it seems to be something you enjoy. Sometimes kids show their hurt and frustration through acting out. This may be the case for her.

So, Is OP TA for spying on her stepdaughter? Thoughts?

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