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Principal won't accommodate student teacher's 'feminine needs,' teacher files lawsuit.

Principal won't accommodate student teacher's 'feminine needs,' teacher files lawsuit.


When this principal is conflicted about a student teacher's behavior, they ask Reddit:

'AITA for asking for student teacher with heavy periods and dog with separation anxiety to be removed from my class and later dropping out?'

I just wanted to ask your thoughts on this situation since I am a little curious. I am a principal and I had a student teacher in her mid-to-late 40s. The first day she comes in 1 hour after the start of the school day. She literally has nothing to do but observe while I continue teaching my four straight classes until lunch begins.

We chat briefly, and she starts giving me her demands for this placement: She can't arrive before school starts, because her dog has separation anxiety issues and she can't leave him all day long. She lives about 45 minutes away from the school, so she'll be arriving late and leaving early every single day.

She is experiencing very heavy periods because she's nearing menopause, and some days she'll just have to stay home to deal with it because it's too embarrassing to be in public when she floods.

I let her talk, and took notes, saying, 'Hmm...' a lot, then explaining that her expectations would be an issue.

I had introduced her to the students because you don't just throw a new adult into the classroom without telling them what's going on. I called her university supervisor, and quoted her to the supervisor, who basically only gasped at every new demand.

Then I said that I didn't think she was right for this position at this time, and asked that she be pulled from the school. The supervisor pulled her from placement for the entire semester, and recommended counseling.

She blew up! She tried to sue the university, me, my school district, her supervisor, etc. She didn't get anywhere, and she dropped out completely.

I feel bad for having her 'dreams' crushed and some people have told me that was a bit harsh. But at the same time I had to put some pressure on her. So AITA? Thanks.

Let's find out.

clownschoolforducks writes:

NTA. As a teacher I’m just wondering… what does she think full-time teaching looks like? Does she think she’ll be able to arrive late and just stay home for a few days every month due to her period? This is a reality check.

Maybe this will give her the chance to see that she’ll be better suited for another occupation related to education with fewer time-sensitive requirements.

bb32244 writes:

What in the Hell did she expect? In what world would it be ok for a teacher to 1) show up an hour late every day, 2) leave early every day, and 3) demand what she would and wouldn't teach? And she's only a *student* teacher! Holy cow.

(for reference, I taught for 22 years. In that period of time, the only 2 years that I 1) taught the same subject and grade level, AND 2) didn't have to change classrooms at the start of each year were my last 2, and I begged to be left alone.

There were times when I was not happy with having to teach a given subject, but I sucked it up. I was certified in 5 different areas, so I got put wherever they needed a teacher.)

The woman has no business being in a classroom. You would think that by the time she got to her age, she would know that you can't make demands like that.

OP is NTA.

Well, looks like the teacher's demands are a bit insane. Or is OP being insensitive? What do YOU think?

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