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Teen doesn't want to introduce his third parent to GF's parents; says, 'it's awkward.'

Teen doesn't want to introduce his third parent to GF's parents; says, 'it's awkward.'


"AITA for not wanting my third parent to meet my girlfriend's parents?"

I (15M) have 3 Parents. It's my mom and my two dads and they're in a polycule. Growing up having to explain my two bi dads and my mom or why some of my siblings are black/Asian like me and some are full Japanese has been kinda weird.

I love my parents all equally though.I got my first GF about 2 months ago and her parents want to meet mine this weekend over dinner at a restaurant. Her parents are kinda old fashioned.

She knows about my parental situation but she doesn't think her parents would get it or like it. Yesterday I explained the situation to my parents and asked them if only Dad( bio dad) and mom would come.

None of them really liked it but Daddy(non bio dad) got offended the most. He asked why I didn't choose him to go and I honestly told him that it would be kinda clear that he wasn't biologically my dad to my gf's parents.

I think that stung him and I didn't mean to and I apologized . That i didnt mean it like that but he still seemed hurt. Dad and mom said I should just let him cool off.

They said they understood my reasons but that it still hurt none the less that'd I'd try to hide them away and I should maybe rethink dating a girl that' made me feel like I should. AITA here?

Let's see what internet users had to say.

fuzzymom6 writes:

NTA. This isn't something a 15 YO should have to explain to adults. This is something adults explain to adults and not in a first meet. I think the bio parents meet her parents first. Then OP's parents can meet with her parents for an adult only meeting at another time.

If OP's parents don't understand that their arrangement is not usual and has to be handled delicately, they're living in in a fantasy world.

hammocks writes:

NAH. I get why your second dad is hurt, and I get why this is a weird situation for you, and I get why your girlfriend doesn't want to deal with her parents freaking out (they're def AHs if they can't just be polite about tho).

And your parents aren't wrong that dating someone who can't handle your family probably won't work out in the long term -- but I would tell them this is a two month high school relationship, you're not betrothed to be wed and I can see why the viability of two family harmony isn't the first thing on your mind when considering compatibility.

I think they also are maybe a little naive/optimistic about how easy it is for you to be open about it -- and they should be proud that you generally are to your friends etc!

empressjainosolo writes:

Gentle YTA. This can’t be the first time you all have had to navigate this type of situation. What did you tell friends when you invite them over? What do they tell teachers and other parents?

By now your parents are either comfortable with people knowing or have an explanation already in hand. That would suggest this wasn’t about not knowing what to do - it was about prioritizing the feelings of your girlfriend’s parents over those of yours.

So, is OP TA? What do you think?

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