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4 oblivious parents that Reddit just loves to hate.

4 oblivious parents that Reddit just loves to hate.


Parenting is hard. Judging other parents? Much easier.

Here are 4 posts from Reddit that demonstrate just how hostile the internet can be towards someone raising their kids wrong.

1. The Non-Babysitter

AITA (Am I the A-hole) for expecting my husband to look after the kids while I go out with my friend?

Vegetable-Release717 writes:

I (29 F) have 2 kids (6F) and (3F). My husband works weekdays from 8 am to 3:30 pm and after work he normally goes out with the boys and normally gets home around 5 or 6.

Here’s how my typical day looks: I wake up at 6 am, make coffee and read a book, then i do laundry, make breakfast and work and school lunches, wake my eldest at 7 am, get her ready for school, wake my husband, wake my youngest, drive my daughter to school, then do the shopping, cleaning, making lunch ect, then I pick up my eldest from school , and make dinner.

I do everything everyday and when my husband gets home he eats, watches tv and falls asleep. I haven’t had a full day to myself since my youngest was born, I really need a break from all this madness.

Well, the other day my friend called me and asked if I wanted to go have lunch with her, then go shopping and maybe go for a drink or two. I was extremely excited and couldn’t wait to just chill for the first time in ages. I told my husband and he didn’t seem to care that much so I assumed it would be okay and he would watch the kids. Well, the day came and as I was leaving my husband stopped me and asked when the babysitter would be here.

I told him there was no sitter and he would have to watch them. He went insane on me and told me I can’t just expect him to babysit while I go out and have a good time, he told me that unless I find someone to watch the girls I couldn’t go. We got into a huge fight and I ended up just calling my sister to watch them. He’s been giving me the silent treatment ever since and refusing to talk to me, so AITA (Am I the a-hole)?

What do you think?

Reddit ruled a huge NTA (not the a-hole).

Danielmp006 writes:

NTA. I only have one reply here that isn't me calling your husband awful names, selfish and a walking red flag. 'IT'S NOT BABYSITTING WHEN YOU'RE LOOKING AFTER YOUR CHILDREN'

crystallz2000 says:

OP, divorce this guy. Seriously. This is insane. Otherwise, sit him down and tell him that from now on you get an equal amount of time away from the kids as he does after work. That you are not a slave. That he is a parent, not a babysitter. If he won't be reasonable, seriously start planning how you'll get out of this situation. You've literally married that man that women hear horror stories about. That's your 'partner.'

2. These new parents

AITA for implying my wife’s a bad mom when she complained about how our daughter prefers me over her?

u/dontknow733 writes:

My wife (33f) and I (32M) both took time off work after our daughter was born then when she went back she got a promotion which meant more hours and even when she’s at home she gets constant calls so she ends up getting locked in our home office for an hour or 2. It’s left me to do practically everything. All day with my daughter on top of that the daily chores. I work from home full time so that’s just added a ton of stress.

My daughter is 10 months old and it’s been like this about 7 months. But lately my daughter doesn’t want her to do anything. She cries when my wife tries to put her to sleep. Only I’m able to feed her then rock her until she’s knocked out for the night. Gets fussy or wants to cuddle she doesn’t want my wife, only me.

I think before my wife didn’t really pay attention to that because she was preoccupied with other stuff so she’d hand her off to me. But now she’s noticing. And she says it hurts her feelings deeply that our daughter doesn’t want her and only me. She kept saying it’s not fair that “dad’s always get to be the fun parent and the one kids prefer”

We’ve had fights about this constantly. The fact that she spends zero time with our daughter and never does anything to help out around the house. So for her to complain about this when the issue has been brought up to her irked me so much. And I said, 'Well what did you think? Maybe if you spent some actual time with your daughter like a decent mother then she might like you.”

That was instant silence for her.

She didn’t say anything until later on when she claimed that was too cruel. Due to her being busy with work and now feeling like our daughter doesn’t want to be around her she expected some support. This only led to another argument. Honestly I’m pretty exhausted by all of this and and maybe my judgement is clouded so I don’t know if I was an a-hole for what I said.

So who do you think is the a-hole? Is there more than one?

Chrestys says:

ESH (everyone sucks here) - You could have left out the word decent and just talked about ways she could spend more time with the child. That would have been much more productive.

seemslikesalvation_ writes:

NTA (not the a-hole). His work is viewed as less because he works from home... totally unfair. He said something that's honestly pretty mild after being left with 95% of the childcare, working full time and taking care of the house. I think folks are being tough on him because he's a dude.

glockpony agrees:

NTA, if a woman was here in the same situation she would get all the sympathy.

3. The Smoker

AITA for not letting a little kid pet my dog since I was smoking - and then implied his mom is a bad parent?

smocking-dog writes:

So I (26m) usually tend to be pretty mindful when I'm smoking, nowhere near children, never near entrances to establishments where people would have to walk near and past me. Since smoking is my bad habit and I don't want to basically assault people with my exhaust.

So this morning I was walking my dog a kid quite literally jumps out of a bush (???) and asks to pet my dog - he looked to be live 5 if I had to guess. I told the little dude 'sorry man, i'm smoking right now so not the best time' and a woman showed up (she walked around from the other side of the bush - she was also smoking) and asked why I wouldn't let her son pet my dog, told her what I told the kid - because I was smoking and didn't want to be near her kid.

She said 'who cares, it's just smoke, I smoke around my son all the damn time, it's not an issue' and this is where I may have been TA (the a-hole), but I shot back 'that's good for you that you don't care about the health of your child, but I don't want to be the dude who smokes around children' and started walking away.

All the while the mom was blowing a fuse and was yelling (not exact words but close to what I had heard) 'how dare you say I don't care about my child's health! What f*cking nerve! F*cking a-hole!' I didn't turn back since I don't want any of that business.

When I got home, I was telling my fiancee about the crazy woman - and she said 'you shouldn't call someone a bad mom just because she smokes near her kid - that's rude as hell - you should have just walked away' so now I'm wondering if maybe I took it too far?

Did he take it too far? Or did Mom deserve a wake up call?

Reddit had little sympathy for her and ruled a big NTA (not the a-hole)

nothing2Chere4ks shares:

NTA. Second hand smoke can be very harmful. The mom is a bad mom. She is very much increasing her child's odds of cancer and other health problems later in life.

MadoogsL says:

NTA. Poor kid is going to grow up with respiratory issues. You care more about that kid's health than his own mom. Sad.

But not everyone was on OP's side, like Catfiche1970:

ESH (Everyone sucks here). You have no moral high ground since you're smoking around your dog. Does your dog deserve to inhale your smoke?

4. The Sk8erboi

AITA for skateboarding even though my daughter is teased and humiliated over it?

AcceptablePriority71 writes:

I have finally been doing the things I've been wanting to do in my life since I got divorced- one of them being a skateboarder. Sure I'm 44 but it's never too late to try to be the badass version of yourself. My daughter for some reason is humiliated by me taking up skateboarding. Says I'm too old and that everyone at school makes fun of her for it.

She said everyone laughs when I show up to school early and skate around the parking lot. The other day I came to get her and did a little trick on the curb but wasn't able to land it and fell. When we get in the car she starts hysterically crying that I embaressed her and why can't I just be like the other dads and why can't I respect her request to just not skate around her school.

She said I'm an a-hole and a terrible dad. A part of me wants to keep her happy and not skate and I get that I might be an a-hole for continuing to do what embarrasses her but another part of me thinks she needs to be happy for me and let me be my best self and that I'm not doing anything wrong for wanting to be happy. So reddit AITA?

(For the record, a skateboarding 44 year old father is a very common sighting in Brooklyn.)

But Reddit ruled in favor of the teenager!

HappyMelonGirl says:

YTA, simple solution is to stop skating around her school. Why are you so dead set on doing it in front of her peers when she's explained she's getting bullied over it? Go to a different parking lot? Its SO simple that it makes YTA because the only logical reason you would be doing it at this point is to bug her.

Here's the thing, you don't even have to stop skateboarding, you just need to stop using it to hurt and bother your daughter. Unfortunately teenagers are ruthless when it comes to bullying and by completely ignoring her feelings and pleas, you're now a 'bully' too.

Then OP explains:

My parents used to embarass me all the time. Not that it's an excuse but I do think I have become stronger for it and care less about what people think. I think kids are too weak these days. Want my daughter to grow thicker skin. She's too much like her mom.

Kongo204 responds:

Oh, nevermind. YTA. Don't do things with the intention of making things harder on your daughter.

So, there you have it!

It's impossible to be the perfect parent... but at least try not to be the worst. Who do you think deserves that title from this list?

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