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Teenage daughter calls dad truck thief, threatens cops, humiliates dad in front of boss.

Teenage daughter calls dad truck thief, threatens cops, humiliates dad in front of boss.


When this daughter is mad at her dad, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for embarrassing my dad after he stole my truck?'

I (17F) recently got a truck. It was my dad’s old truck that I’ve wanted since I was little. My dad gave it to me after he was able to buy a different used vehicle for himself, one of those pick-up trucks with the big wheels and all that.

Well, the other day, his window stopped working. It wouldn’t roll up or down, it actually started to slip down to where it stayed open. This is a problem because where we are, it rains quite a lot.

Me and my dad are the only ones here that have vehicles as my mom is a SAHM and my little brother is too young to drive. He asked me if he could take my truck to work while his truck’s being repaired, but I told him no because I need to get to school and we have different schedules.

He leaves for work two hours earlier than I do. I stay after school for an extra three hours so he gets home before me. He told me I could get a ride with a friend, but the closet friend lives 30 minutes away, and they wouldn’t be able to bring me home after school.

I told him he could get a ride, but he said no one could. I’m not willing to wake up at four in the morning to take him to work anyway.

Well, yesterday morning I woke up and my truck was gone. I got a text from him saying that he called a friend of mine and that they’ll bring me to school and he’ll pick me up, but I’m pissed. I called him and he didn’t answer, so I left a very aggressive voicemail.

Anyway, last night dad had a dinner with his boss and our family. His boss was asking about dad’s truck in the shop and saying how he was lucky he had an extra truck and such. I interjected here and said he was “lucky” that I didn’t call the police after he stole my truck. The room went very quiet and my mom called me out from the room.

After his boss left, dad came to me angry that I embarrassed him. I told him it was his own fault because he’s the one who stole my truck after I told him not to. Mom agrees with him though and now I’m grounded even though he’s the one who stole my truck. AITA?

samuu8787 writes:

YTA. You are 17, so I highly doubt the truck is in your name, so technically it still is your dad’s.. and he paid for it, so he can drive it when he wants to.

ooo1002 writes:

Oh yeah I'm on board with the YTA. OP was super entitled and needs to understand dad's job trumps their comfort. Obviously OP managed to get to school prior to having the truck. Maybe they should give mom the truck and let OP borrow it as needed.

Well, looks like OP is TA. Or is dad a thief?

Sources: Reddit
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