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Mom wants to let son to be unicorn for halloween, dad insists on Spiderman.

Mom wants to let son to be unicorn for halloween, dad insists on Spiderman.


When this mom gets into a conflict with her husband about their son's halloween costume, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for buying my son a halloween costume?'

I(34F) and my husband(35M) have a 5 year old son together. My husband was raised in a family where boys play with cars and girls with dolls.

Son has a huge obsession with unicorns and asked if he could go as a unicorn for Halloween. My husband told him no and he would take him shopping for a boy costume.

I found one in his size and wrapped the costume up to surprise him. I gave it to him after school and he immediately went to put it on.

My husband looks at me and tells me that I am trying to change our son to be girly and should have bought him a spiderman or superman costume. This incident happened over the weekend and husband is still fuming over it.

AITA for buying my son a halloween costume?

Let's find out.

oddtrifle writes:

You should have had a discussion with your husband about the costume. You were aware he objected. Instead of having a conversation with him about what your child would wear, you undermined him as a parent. Next time he says, no your child will just go to you and hope you agree. YTA

aggresukitty disagrees:

NTA. I can relate to the people who are saying that ESH coz you should communicate and not just go behind his back, but at the same time I know enough people who can't be reasoned with, so you might have had no other option but to override his BS and support your son.

I am curious how you ended up with someone so weirdly homophobic about unicorns though...

Well, looks like no one knows WHAT to do with this mom. Is OP TA? What do YOU think?

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