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Woman asks if she was wrong to laugh at boyfriend's mom's 'weird' baby name choice.

Woman asks if she was wrong to laugh at boyfriend's mom's 'weird' baby name choice.


It's normal to scoff at a weird baby name, but what if you do it to the mother's face? Is that just a major no no? When this woman laughs at her boyfriend's mom's 'weird' baby name choice, she takes to the popular Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA for laughing hysterically when my BF's mom told me what she was going to name her baby?'

OP (username deleted) writes:

My BF's mom is just not a nice person. Classist, snobby, cold, self absorbed, I could go on and on. From the beginning of our relationship, she has treated me like an inconvenience.

Oh man. I must know more.

She is a professional author and I read some of her work (honestly as a character study) and if her work is any reflection or her world view, wow is all I'm going to say. She very much likes entertaining people and she thinks she is hilarious. People either love her or hate her. I do not like her.

Anyway she is pregnant (had my BF young)and we had a family dinner the other night. That is pretty rare these days because he does put my needs first. Someone asked her if she knew what she was going to name the baby and she said Scarlett.

Okay, but is that a weird name???

I didn't think anything of it, fairly popular name. She then said after Scarlett O'Hara because that is her favorite book and the first character she ever liked as a kid, and what made her want to be a writer.

Okay OP, what's your point?

I just think that says so much about her as a person, and to be clear, this is not someone who read the book once, didn't really get it or whatever. She has a PhD in literature. She is extremely educated and well read.

I honestly couldn't help it and I began laughing. Her husband got annoyed and asked what was wrong with Scarlett. someone else commented that it was butt ugly, which didn't seem to phase her. I said it is actually a nice name, but I am laughing at how she just admitted what type of person she is.

She told me I was boring and have fun naming my kid Paisley or whatever, and had an attitude the rest of the night. My BF is on my side, but a couple other family members said I was rude, and that I better not be a hypocrite and expect good boundaries from her when I make life decisions. AITA?

Well, let's see what Reddit had to say on this bizarre situation.

Voiceofconfusion writes:

Frankly my dear, YTA.

Crookedpanda writes:

If I remember correctly, the reason the line from the movie is iconic is because it's the first time someone 'swore' in a movie. I think whoever censored movies at the time were seriously against the word 'damn' being used. Adding the frankly was a beautiful touch though.

wheredmyarmourgo writes:

Ummm OP is TA. I read their comments and they don’t even say it that precisely. They don’t have a problem with the racism, or the character flaws to that point. They just named a few of the deadly sins broadly and said that made MIL a bad person. They don’t know shit about the book, OP would’ve laughed and had a problem with anything MIL named.

Delvianna writes:

YTA. I'm a very well-read person too who just recently decided to try my hand at writing a novel. Writing is difficult, and if the MIL is an accomplished writer, good for her! It honestly feels like OP is looking to find fault with the MIL on literally anything, and attacking her works probably makes OP feel better.

Well, there you have it folks. OP is the AH! The lesson here? If you hate your BF's mom, don't take it out on baby Scarlett, okay?

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