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Wife wants hubby to pay extra $300 to give daughters privacy on fam cruise; he says 'I will NOT spoil them.' AITA?

Wife wants hubby to pay extra $300 to give daughters privacy on fam cruise; he says 'I will NOT spoil them.' AITA?


When this married couple disagrees about the how to spend their finances on a family cruise, the wife asks Reddit:

"AITA for not wanting my daughters to share a bed?"

AITA for not wanting four kids to share a room? I (F) have four daughters 12f, 12f, 17f, 20f. We're planning on going for a 7 day carribean cruise In late February (spring break) we plan to fly into miami a day before the cruise to be safe.

We wanted a hotel near the port and the ones We're quite expensive. We Ultimately booked a room for me and my husband that costed 400 dollars per night. We could book three rooms for all our kids which would cost 1200 dollars I felt this was expensive but it's okay.

My husband disagrees and thinks we should book a 4 person room with Qeen beds for 500 dollars this way we would save around 300 dollars.

However this means my daughters would have to share two Qeen beds meaning all had to share a bed my younger daughter's hated the idea and begged us to not share a bed while my older two didn't really care since according to them "it's just one night" but my youngest daughters didn't even want to share a room which they would on the cruise ship and hated the idea of sharing with four people.

On the cruise we booked three rooms so the oldest two will occupy one cabin and the youngest two will occupy another cabin my younger daughter's wanted their own rooms but my husband said no.

I think it's unfair to make our daughters share a bed as it'll make them uncomfortable my husband says it's okay because it's just one night.

He Said that since he is paying for the cruise he's the one that makes the decisions and told me to pay the 300 dollars if I wanted my daughters to not share a bed. My husband doesn't seem to care about our daughters privacy. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

ravenclawec writes:

YTA, this is ridiculous... they are sisters and they can share a bed for ONE night.... How are you Ok by expending more money just for one night... it sounds like you are not even ok with them having to share a cabin onboard the cruise and that is just crazy...

They are kids, and they will expend most of their vacation time outside of the rooms... I agree with your husband that the extra room for the first night is completely unnecesary...

soontobeprof writes:

Yta, if it’s just one night then the whole family can share one freaking bed. I’m just kidding but u wanting to waste money for one night is absurd. Heck I’m married and me and my brother (both of us in our 30s shared a bed at a hotel the other night because it was just one night. It was a king bed and we made a pillow wall, but the other bed I.

The same room had two of my gfs already and didn’t have room for me and it would have been too awkward for them to share a bed with him. The other guy slept on the floor. No one was comfortable but it was just for one night.

Also a compromise would be to get the hotel to put a rollaway bed on the room to separate the two younger ones. Also are they twins? Or previous marriages type thing? Because that would help us understand why they are so adamant on not sharing a bed. Because right now they just sound like entitled spoiled brats.

thowitaway67 writes:

YTA. My gosh. They’re sisters and they’re getting a great vacation. Tell them it’s one damn night. Your kids sound extremely entitled. They’re 12. They’ll live. Funny the older two are ok with it. Tell the twins to get over it. Most kids don’t get amazing trips like this.

It’s insane to spend the extra for a vacation. Tell them they can suck it up. Bc as adults, they may be sharing beds with their friends to save money on trips.

naturevivid writes:

YTA. You're talking about one stinking night? Family vacations are for things to be a little different. There's nothing wrong with two sisters sharing a bed. A queen size bed is more than big enough for two people.

They will be fine and will actually survive and not turn the dust because they had to share of bed one night. As for getting separate cabins for everyone on the cruise geez I was 21 when I went on a cruise to my parents we all stayed in the same room they didn't get me my own cabin.

They pulled down the one up top and I slept on that bed. I also went on a cruise recently with my kids and the friend we all stayed in the same cabin it was an extra large family cabin that was actually meant for eight they were only four of us. It worked out fantastic.

Looks like OP is unequivocally TA here. What do YOU think?

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