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Woman is accused of trying to 'tempt' BIL; she tells sister 'your husband is lying.'

Woman is accused of trying to 'tempt' BIL; she tells sister 'your husband is lying.'


"AITA because my sisters husband tried to have an affair with me?"

My sister & i have always been close like inseparable. Well we grew up & she got married, then things changed. Her husband would always give me weird compliments & say inappropriate comments regarding my body.

I mentioned it to her on multiple occasions & she said i was over exaggerating it all & that’s just how he is. I decided i would just keep my distance for a while because i was so uncomfortable & it was that bad but she wasn’t taking me seriously no matter what i said.

Well a few months later my sisters gender reveal came along so of course i wouldn’t miss that. As soon as i got there & he laid eyes on me he got so excited he bounced right out of his seat next to my sister to run to me for a hug with arms opened wide. I immediately stepped aside & declined.

The whole family saw the situation & my sister glared at me & didn’t say 2 words to me the first 30 mins i was there. She got over that & we had a great time. Towards the end of the shower most people were leaving but i stayed behind to help my pregnant sister clean up a bit. She then sent me upstairs to get her fluffy slides as her feet were hurting.

Little did i know at the time that was the moment that would forever change our relationship. I went to get the shoes & her husband was in the bedroom. As i entered he made his usual distasteful comments that i ignored, well i guess he didn’t like that anymore so as i was just about to walk out the door he rushed to the door and closed it.

Forcing his hands on my body & ki$$ing me. It all happened so fast. I was so disgusted & shocked but managed to punch him & get out the door & ran to get my sister. I explained everything to her thinking she would be on my side as i have been telling her about him for months almost a year.

Boy was i wrong. As i’m telling her what happened he come downstairs screaming & came up to her saying i wanted him to touch me & when he didn’t want to i got mad. I couldn’t believe what i was hearing, but my sister did. She started yelling at me saying i was a pos, that i’ll never have her man, & more. By this time the remaining guests had gathered around.

The betrayal i felt at the moment was unbelievable. I just blurted out & told my sister to f&%er self & that she’s a horrible person for allowing him to do this to me. I even said she’s a bad mom if she allows her child to be around him as he’s an a@$aulter.

I left & haven’t since spoken to her but she’s all on facebook posting like i’m the bad person. Saying i caused her stress. so basically aita for telling her what she needed to hear?

Let's see what internet users had to say.

floridadang writes:

Unless sister had a security camera in the bedroom or in the hall with a view to show who closed that door this is a classic he said - she said situation. Eventually he will do or say something and sister will realize he lied to her and OP told her the truth.

Tell your parents and any other siblings about all of the previous events and the details of this time. I suspect sister deep down realizes her husband is a pos, but she is now trapped by the baby and also may be too embarrassed to admit what he is capable of doing.

Consider posting something like 'I'm sad my sister didn't believe me when I told her about her husband's attack on me after all of the other times I told her he did things that made me uncomfortable.

I love my sister but for my own safety I can no longer be around [husband's name]. When she decides to leave him I will do anything I can to help her.' Good luck, I hope your sister comes to her senses and leaves that pos.

kitkat3 writes:

NTA - your sister seems to be deluded to how her husband acts or doesn't want to hear it. I'm sorry that your sister doesn't believe you, best to keep well away from him. Might be that your sister knows how he is but pretends like it's not an issue and gets angry when her bubble is burst.

Definitely NTA, her husband disgusting. Give it some time, maybe try to have another conversation with your sister about his behaviour.

emotionaattention7 writes:

Nta...he a#$aulted you, if you hadn't gotten away who knows what he would have done. If you ever end up around them again have your phone ready to record, don't let them know you're going to record. That way if he pulls anything again you have proof.

Lot's of people are saying file a report, unfortunately it will just be your word against his and probably nothing will come of it. I'm not saying don't do it. I'm saying be prepared for it to just cause more family drama with no real outcome. But at least you'll have on record that you made a report against him if it happen again in the future.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her?

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