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Woman accuses SIL of serving 'sick' brother 'death on a plate.' AITA?

Woman accuses SIL of serving 'sick' brother 'death on a plate.' AITA?


When this woman is annoyed with how her SIL is handling her brother's dietary restrictions, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for suggesting SIL is a hypocrite when it comes to my brother's dietary restrictions?"

I have three brothers and my oldest brother, Andrew, is currently dating this girl, Angelina. She is decent but quite antithetical in a lot of ways. Our family always get together at weekends for dinner and stuff and now my sister-in-law gets to tag along.

Andrew had a health scare in the past and is trying a completely new diet. I had a friend over last Sunday who's a professional chef and he made Indian food, but Andrew didn't want to eat it as he thought it was too spicy.

Angelina ordered a highly caloric meal for him then, which I thought was funny because, oh well, he's on a diet. I mentioned this and my brother replied that the doctor has given him carte blanche to eat what he wants at weekends.

I said, oh well that's funny because that's not how it works, and I mentioned the expensive treadmill they just bought for exercise, asking what's the point.

Angelina is also encouraging my brother to adopt a more active lifestyle, they run every morning and go on hikes together. I also mentioned this, and said that it's quite hypocritical of her to force him to exercise while ordering death on a plate for him. At least I'M looking out for my brother's physical health!

Andrew got mad and told me that it's none of my business, told me to respect Angelina, and they both left dinner. My youngest brother agreed and told me I was just being nasty because I didn't have someone to take care of me. AITA here?

Let's see what readers thought.

coastalkid92 writes:

YTA. First of all, no where in here do I see anyone asking you for your opinion. Especially your brother who seems to be driving this decision regarding his food choices.

Secondly, building a healthy lifestyle and diet is about making sure it is sustainable. Not having a bit of junk here and there isn't sustainable for majority of people and having some in moderation will curb behaviours around sneaking or binging.

Third and finally, if he's significantly upped his exercsise, it's not surprising his body may be craving more calories for fuel. Sit down and be quiet.

pensha writes:

YTA. There are no openings for a food police. It wasn’t your business to butt in to be judgmental. He has a doctor, it’s not you. And he shouldn’t have been put in a situation to defend him and his gf.

He owed you no explanation. Truth be if you always deny yourself food you enjoy then that sets you up for failing. I feel sure they showed more manners by not telling you exactly what they thought about you as you were letting them know what you thought about them. I am sure what they thought was very unflattering and insulting due to your unflattering insults to them.

justaredditor writes:

YTA. One of the biggest misconceptions in todays food habits is that calories and fats are bad. EMPTY calories and PROCESSED fats are bad. These mainly include various types of sugar as well as froed foods.

Salmon is also consider fat and heavy on calories, but they are full calories with lots of nutrients and that is what makes it healthy.

Also an active lifestyle works but you have to eat enough because otherwise you're going to burn out. A car won't run properly for long if you don't put gass in the tank.

Looks like OP might be TA here. Any advice for her or her brother?

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