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Woman accuses stepmom of ruining her daughter's birthday. AITA?

Woman accuses stepmom of ruining her daughter's birthday. AITA?


When this woman with two daughters is annoyed with her stepmom, she asks Reddit:

"AITAH for being mad at my step-mom?"

I (26F) have two daughters. My eldest daughter just turned 5 on the 9th. I sent out a message to family on the 4th letting them know what time we will be doing cake and presents. I admit it was late notice, I take full responsibility for that.

However, my step-brothers birthday is around the same day as Thanksgiving (the 24th maybe) and my step-mom had made a Facebook event page for his party the weekend AFTER Thanksgiving.

Well after sending the message about my daughter's birthday my step-mom responds saying "sorry already have plans to celebrate step-brothers birthday with his friends so we can't come but I'll be sure to send your dad".

My step-mom had 2 weekends to do this, but she literally waited till the DAY of my daughter's birthday to do it.

Then because some stuff had happened and we had to push the time on my daughter's birthday to later in the afternoon, my dad had the nerve to call and say "your step-mom had a good idea since you aren't expecting anyone till later why don't you load up your daughter's and bring them over to our house to celebrate your step-brothers birthday and THEN we can celebrate your daughter's birthday."

I just told him,"Im busy and that i would appreciate not celebrating my daughters birthday with my 14yrold step-brother. " All I want to know is AITAH? Side note: Stepmom never double checks with anyone before planning whatever/whenever she wants. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

witcherkingdom writes:

Did you double-check with everyone they were free that day? You claim stepmom is TA because she never double-checks but if you didn't either, you're no better than her. Maybe stepmom did the party that day for step-brother with his friends because it was a day that worked for his friends.

And you even said you waited 4 days before to say there was a party, they may have presumed you weren't doing one or doing one on another day. YTA.

quill3216 writes:

NTA. Your stepmother’s priority is her own son, even at the expense of her husband’s granddaughter. It sucks but I think the only thing you can do about it is lower your expectations of her so you’re not repeatedly disappointed. At least she’s allowing your father to come to your daughter’s party.

beautreport writes:

YTA She shouldn’t have to check with you to plan a party for her son. Her son will always come before your daughter for her, just like your daughter will always come before her son for you.

His birthday falls on or about Thanksgiving, therefore it’s reasonable that his party will not be on that weekend and will always be closer to your daughter’s birthday. Since this bothers you so much, it’s up to you to talk to her about in advance.

Jury's out on this one. What do YOU think?

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