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Woman asks if she was wrong to fire babysitter for bringing her mom into the house.

Woman asks if she was wrong to fire babysitter for bringing her mom into the house.


AITA for firing the babysitter after she let her mom into the house?

I recently hired a babysitter a few times over this month. Our kids are ages 5, 8 and 10.

The babysitter, who we'll call Gabby (F21), lives just a 10 minute drive from us. Gabby is my coworker's younger stepsister. She's a student doing a side hustle and lives with her parents. I paid her more than the normal market rate for three kids because she agreed to do it on quite short notice.

One day when Gabby was babysitting the kids from 10am to 2pm, I got an alert of motion detected on our doorbell camera at around 1:30pm and I saw an unfamiliar woman coming into the house. I was super confused and a bit alarmed at first. She was in the house for maybe 15 minutes, then left and sat in her car.

I confronted Gabby about it and she said that the woman was her mom, and that she was giving her a ride home. I told Gabby there was no reason for her mom to come into the house and that she can't let other people inside unless it's an emergency. She could've at least texted or called one of us.

Gabby told me it wasn't a big deal and that it's just her mom and didn't seem to understand the problem at all and wasn't apologetic. I talked to my husband and we agreed that this was unacceptable and fired Gabby and found another babysitter.

My coworker and Gabby are now pissed at me and my coworker said that their stepsister didn't deserve to get fired and they accused us of having a superiority complex.

Here's how people judged the situation:

RNGinx3 writes:

NTA. You don't know her mom. You hired Gabby to do a job as an adult. If she worked at Pizza Hut, mommy would not be allowed behind the counter in the employees-only area.

This is the equivalent of what she did bringing her mother into your home (and you're right, mom had no reason to go inside your home). If she were a teenager, MAYBE I might feel differently, but Gabby is a grown woman.

Ultimately, tell your co-worker that as Gabby's employer you set a boundary, and she basically shrugged, said it was a stupid boundary, did not apologize for crossing it or promise not to do it again.

As such, you lost trust in her (which is kind of necessary when that person is watching *your children*), and she was let go. Tell her you don't owe her stepsister a job, and she is now free to find an employer that is more in line with her style and work ethic.

Apart_Ad_2940 writes:

·Hi! Professional nanny here 🤪I’ve had instances where my mom and or boyfriend was my ride from work and never did either of them come to the door.

Once I had my mom drop me off lunch and I asked permission before and literally all she did was meet me at the door with lunch. NTA but in the future you should lay out very clear guidelines of what you expect/ what’s an absolute no!


YTA--- This could have easily been a warning, but you just straight up FIRED her? Babysitters like that don't come around all that often. Good luck trying to find one that can do last minute babysitting AND lives only 10 min away!

She might even tell other babysitters how you treated her so it'll be harder to find replacements. Word of mouth travels quit that the family with the short fuse will fire you for any little thing.

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