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Woman gets back at 'rude' homeless sister and kids; stops paying for their hotel. AITA?

Woman gets back at 'rude' homeless sister and kids; stops paying for their hotel. AITA?


When this woman is fed up with her sister, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for no longer paying for my homeless sister and her kids hotel room after she insulted me?"

AITA? I (23F) have a sister whose 33. We get along for the most part but after a huge argument I stopped paying for her hotel this week and she only has a few days until her check out. So what led to the argument was that she insulted my parenting and said Im a bad mom.

We have two totally different experiences with motherhood. I had my first son at 15 and my second at 18. Their father and I split up when we were 18 and ever since we’ve had an equal coparenting relationship.

We both have our own places and I keep the boys for three weeks and then he takes them for three weeks. Because of this, it allows us to be active parents and also live our lives like anyone else our age. During my three weeks I have the abiltity to go out of town, go on vacation, party and my ex does the same.

Hes such an amazing father and we’re flexible with the schedule if either of us wants more/less time. My sister on the other hand has no help. Her fiance left her while she was pregnant and shes been raising her three kids alone since. He doesnt see them or call, and only pays 80$ in child support a month.

My sister struggles with childcare and ended up losing her apartment. Shes been in an extended stay hotel since August and Ive been paying since my parents cant afford it.

They live in a studio themselves so they have no space for her and the kids. We live in a high cost of living city and if it wasnt for my boyfriend being willing to cover my section of the rent these past few months, I wouldnt be able to afford it.

The other day my sister calls me and asks me if I can come over to watch her kids so she can go to a job interview. I went over to the hotel at noon and she left at 2. I had plans to go out with my boyfriend at 7 and let her know. She said she’d be back soon but once it hit 6 I started calling her and she didn’t answer…

At midnight she came stumbling in drunk and we got into a huge fight. I was pissed she made me miss my plans and she didnt have to lie about a job interview if she needed a babysitter to go get drunk.

She started yelling at me saying that I dont even see my kids for half the year so to shut up about her needing a babysitter one night and that shes at home every single day with no breaks being a “real mom” while I go out living life like I have no responsibilities.

And that Im a horrible mom because Im okay with being apart from my kids and she would never. I told her its not her choice to be around them 24/7, their father doesnt want them and its not my fault I choose a better man than she did.

She kicked me out and told the front desk to trespass me. I changed my card info so the next payment wouldnt go through the next day. My parents are calling me a HUGE asshole and threatening to cut me off if I stop paying for her room.

That she never gets free time like I do so to understand she’s jealous not being rude. They said to pay for another week and they’ll pay me back after selling some things and I refused. AITA?​​​​​​

Let's see what readers thought.

liolacharm writes:

NTA Even if you were the older sibling in this situation, it would not be your responsibility to pay for your sister's hotel. It wasn't ever your responsibility. Your parents should be doing that, if anyone.

Also, your sister should have just told you she wanted a day out and planned one that worked around your schedule, but instead, she not only took advantage of you and lied, but insulted you to boot.

And your parents are wrong, jealousy caused it, but she was still rude, still lied, and still took advantage of you. Good for you not putting up with that bs.

sushiguac24 writes:

NTA. You have been doing her a big favor (paying her hotel) and you did her a small favor (watching the kids for job interview), and she repaid you by lying and insulting you.

You said your parents are calling you a "HUGE asshole", but you didn't mention whether your sister even apologized. If she hasn't apologized, then I think your parents are also AH for beating up on you instead of her.

She should come back on her knees if she wants help, and your parents should tell her that if they want to help her. It sounds like you have been doing pretty well. Please don't let your sister and parents drag you down.

singsadology writes:

This will be unpopular but ESH. Your sister was/is wrong for taking advantage and insulting your parenting choices and generally being terrible but you should have given notice you were stopping payment and let your family figure out their stuff.

There are kids involved who did nothing wrong who are suddenly homeless. The whole situation is messed up and your family sounds terrible. I’m glad you are out of the situation but I am hoping her kids didn’t have to suffer.

So, is OP NTA or does ESH? What do YOU think?

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