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Woman is CONVINCED that her sister is lying about her pregnancy symptoms. AITA?

Woman is CONVINCED that her sister is lying about her pregnancy symptoms. AITA?


When this woman thinks her sister is lying, she asks Reddit:

"AITAH for not believing the sister’s pregnancy symptoms?"

Hi, my sister (F 24) and I (F27) live together in a 4 bedroom house with our other siblings. Before my sister announced her pregnancy she was already a pretty dramatic over the top kinda person, which as her family we never minded.

After her first official check up at 5 weeks, she came home and would say things like “ I can feel the baby moving” or “ the baby is making me so hungry”. She would even go as far as to waddle around the house a few times. As her family knowing she’s dramatic, we just thought it was funny. It was funny until she started using her pregnancy to get out of things.

About a week ago(6weeks) she didn’t want to go into work. She tried calling out but her boss said they really needed her that night.

This made my sister really upset so she ran to the bathroom started coughing really loud and hard to the point it was making her gag. She never actually threw up but the coughing and gagging was very concerning.

She then called her boss back with a now raspy voice to tell him she couldn’t come in because the baby was making her sick. I didn’t say anything because I’ve seen people do worse to get out of work.

The most recent incident was just Halloween night. As a family we decided it would be fun if we all watched a scary movie together. We gathered our snacks and blankets and headed to the living room. After about 20ish mins of us looking through movies we decided on one.

Everyone was in agreement but her. We asked if she wanted to keep looking for something we all agreed on. She declined with an attitude and said that we all had already made up our minds.

We again insisted that it wasn’t an issue to keep looking. She again declined and said it’ll have to be fine. Not wanting to further upset her, we just said ok. About 15mins into the movies she loudly starts coughing and gagging. We were confused since she was just fine a second ago.

She then gets up runs to the bathroom as if she’s going to throw up. Locks herself in the bathroom coughing and gagging loudly until she cries but again not throwing up.

Her boyfriend goes to check on her and about 10 mins goes by before he comes out to tell us that she’s not feeling well and they will be going to bed. We say ok and finish the movie. When the movie was over she’s comes out really cheerful and asks us if we liked it and if we wanted to watch another movie with her like nothing happened.

There has been more times she has done this. A few days ago she was coughing and gagging (again never actually throwing up) really loud at about 7am. My other sister and I get up to check on her to see that her boyfriend is already helping her to the bathroom.

She collapses on the floor and says “the baby is making her legs hurt”. We are all very confused because we all truly don’t know how soon pregnancy symptoms start. So aitah for not really believing her? AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

admirablescale writes:

NTA. You mentioned she's always been over the top and dramatic and you all have allowed that behavior and accepted it. Time to pull the plug on that. Ignore her antics. Stop showing her attention when she pulls these stunts.

And by ignoring, I mean completely ignoring. Don't even address it. Say nothing. Let her bf deal with her if he wants, but the rest of you should make a pact (and stick to it) that you will no longer coddle her.

coldthanks writes:

ESH. Your sister is being dramatic, as apparent by her behavior before pregnancy, but she could also be experiencing various symptoms now at 6-8 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy affects every person differently and it’s very possible she’s already experiencing nausea and body aches at this point.

Cravings are possible as well, and she would need to consume more calories now since her body is putting so much energy towards growing a fetus. However she wouldn’t be feeling fetus move yet, more than likely it’s just gas or phantom feelings.

beautifuldrammm writes:

NTA, her drama was present before the pregnancy. Did you ever read or hear the story about the boy that cried wolf? Yeah, she's been dramatic a few too many times to be believed now.

So, is OP NTA here? Or could her sister be actually experiencing these symptoms? What do YOU think?

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