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Woman doesn't buy step granddaughter a Christmas gift. AITA?

Woman doesn't buy step granddaughter a Christmas gift. AITA?


When this woman feels guilty on Christmas, she asks Reddit:

"AITAH for not buying my step granddaughter a xmas gift?"

I (30f) went last minute Christmas shopping with my partner (49m) and his granddaughter (9) and our son. My partner doesn’t celebrate holidays and people (his family) do not expect gifts from him on the holiday. I do celebrate and have planned and budgeted for gifts for my immediate family for months.

We hit a couple stores like Sephora, Tj Maxx and an educational toy store. I checked everything off my list for my immediate family. We grab dinner and head back home. After I finished wrapping all the gifts and placed them under the tree, he turned to the little girl and asks her if she wants a gift as well.

Of course she said yes. And then looked at me and said “well she didn’t buy you anything”. I immediately felt bad but was taken aback because technically not my family, I didn’t budget for an extra gift, and it was mentioned when all the shopping was done. AITAH for not buying her a gift?

Let's see what readers thought.

hoshitoss writes:

ESH. You, of course, for shopping with his kid and putting gifts under the tree right in front of her. And your partner for his breathtaking meanness. Maybe you both deserve each other.

psychological7 writes:

YTA and so is your partner. You both should feel bad. Your partner is a mega AH for intentionally being cruel to point it out and not get gifts at all knowing you weren't going to get her one.

I can't imagine being a grandparent and being so heartless. Like or not you're connected to this girl by relationship and you couldn't spare a few dollars to get her something? Poor kid has a shitty family who don't think of her as someone worth buying for.

okcommission8 writes:

NTA listen I see your update talks about you recognizing that he was gross for chucking you under the bus, however the bigger elephant here is that he just hurt his grandchild for absolutely no reason.

He used her as a pawn for what? Like why did he set her up just to give her a horrible rejection AT ALL? What is wrong with this guy?! Was he trying to hurt you? Like was he mad you didn’t get her a gift without saying a word and chose this as the method of telling you???? Like why would he do that to his grandkid?!

Looks like the jury's out. What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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