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Woman exposes MIL's financial abuse to family; $20K embezzled from disabled son. AITA?

Woman exposes MIL's financial abuse to family; $20K embezzled from disabled son. AITA?


When this woman is appalled by what she finds on her toxic MIL's old mobile phone, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for exposing my toxic MIL to the family?"

Backstory: my MIL has always caused issues, fights, drama, pain and suffering. She is a narcissistic person with no remorse for her actions. My FIL died last year and it was sudden and messy. This is extremely long and touches on financial abuse and prostitution/ cheating.

EDIT: I also found out she has been trying to meet up with her other Bio sons father to have intercourse when she has been telling him (M25) that she didn't know who his father was.

When in reality she has known his entire life. She has now also tried to take belongings from the boys to sell, has taken out loans in their names more than once prior to now without their knowledge and has started an affair with her married boss to get free accommodation.

Also we are 100% focused on recovery of funds/ government input to arrange custody/ public trustee management of my husbands brothers funds to ensure this doesn't ever happen again.

Recently my MIL moved away. She left items ar everyone's homes in our state, including mine. My husband and I have been friends our entire life and married for close to a decade with 1 child. His entire family have always hated me, caused issues with me and my husband and tried to break us up.

That seemed to resolved once our child was born. However, when my FIL suddenly died my MIL changed again, not for the good. She began partying, spending money like crazy and her lies catapulted beyond belief.

She was left a decent sum of money plus through the sales of alot of assets should have been able to comfortably live though always claimed She was broke.

She has a few boys ( step sons including my husband and a couple of bio children) one being severely disabled. He is managed in a care home for which his pension should cover expenses.

Recently something was amiss and I found her old mobile phone. Now don't get me wrong it's not okay to snoop but given a tip off that my BILs bills had not been paid and he was at risk of homelessness I looked and found that she had not paid a cent since he moved into the facility.

To the sum of almost $20,000. Immediately I knew I had to tell my husband who also informed his other brother. I handed the phone over so he could do more investigation as I'm technologically poor.

Pandora's box has now been opened. They found evidence that she has become a prostitute , had been cheating on their dad for over 10 years prior to his death, had been embezzling money from her disabled son, sleeping with her other sons friends and alot more.

This has now causes extreme distress on my husband and his brother. We now must find the money to repay the care home and they have decided to never speak to her again. My guilt has taken over me as I feel like I have caused this distress. So AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

dazayydi writes:

NTA while there's distress from that, it's important to have the truth. ie- embezzling money from her own son is messed up, not to mention the whole litany of other issues with no remorse and no regret.

guardianship6 writes:

NTA. Are you really asking yourself that question ?! It's better for them if this woman get out of their lives in my opinion... But their priority should be to take over the guardianship of their brother first.

cryingwant6 writes:

You’ll never get the money back, but consider exposing her fraud and embezzlement to the authorities. NTA.

Looks like OP is NTA here. Any advice for her?

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