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Woman feels unsafe with 'creepy stepson' in house; tells hubby 'I never want to see him again.' AITA?

Woman feels unsafe with 'creepy stepson' in house; tells hubby 'I never want to see him again.' AITA?


When this woman is upset with her stepson's actions, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for refusing to have my step son live in house?"

Hi so I am a 32 F married to my husband who’s 35. We have been married for 6 years now with 0 kids from our marriage. My husband tho when he was in college he and his past gf had a child but her family and she had the custody too.

Since my husband and I got married his son came for sleepovers. I personally never liked the boy’s behavior he was a bit rude but I never interfered with him and let his father talk with him whenever something bad happened.

However, some months ago I caught him peeking into my undergarments stuff , mind you he is a 16 yrs old now and we never had the mother-son bond that would justify such an act.

He begged me not to expose him to his father and I agreed. I agreed and warned him about. Another day, he was at the house after his school and I saw him hurriedly getting out of the bedroom I then entered to see what he was doing and found that my undergarments drawer wasn’t closed properly, I opened it and noticed that 2 of my bras were missing.

I went and opened his school bag saw the stolen bras and confronted him about it then while we were fighting his father arrived and learned about everything.

All that happened 5 months ago and the boy was restricted from coming into the house without his father’s presence and his father also took away his keys. Now the mother is traveling but she can’t take her son with her because of school, and he can’t cook , clean or anything so he can’t stay alone and she wants him to stay with us for the month she’s traveling.

I told my husband that I won’t feel safe at all and that I can’t have him for a month. I told him he could go stay with the boy in the mother’s house for the month while I stay here but I cannot have him with me for a month. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

angelblad92 writes:

NTA - This is not normal behaviour from anyone, regardless of age and gender. He clearly knows he is in the wrong and the behaviour seems to be escalating. I wouldn’t want him in my home or to be alone with him either.

whitestaunton9 writes:

NTA. So he is rising 17 at this point so not too far off being an adult and likely has adult male strength and size he has already gone through and stolen your underwear...Nope I don't think you are unreasonable to not want to sleep under the same roof as or end up alone with him.

Going to add as someone in education it is absolutely disgusting that a 16 year old has been so ill prepared for life by his parents that he can not feed himself or do basic domestic chores. Not suggesting he should be alone but he sure as hell should be able to look after himself, it is preparation for adulthood.

mustang1966 writes:

NTA - The boy has some serious issues that were probably caused by his parents divorce. He is in a bad place now and needs serious mental health therapy right now.

You should stick to your boundaries where he is concerned as you don't know at 16 what he may be capable of if he was to be alone with you with these issues with him. Sad to say but a risk I don't think you should take.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her?

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