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Woman gets petty revenge on nephew after he tries to steal a puppy from her. AITA?

Woman gets petty revenge on nephew after he tries to steal a puppy from her. AITA?


"AITA for getting petty revenge on nephew after he attempted to steal a puppy from me?"

I am 25 f. My dog, dove had puppies. She's a golden lab. I promised my nephew Dion 10 he could have one of the puppies when they are ready. He was so excited. So last week, when Dion and my sister came over he asked if he could see the puppies, which I said yes. He went into to see them.

Me and my sister were catching up. Then we heard Dove barking which alerted me to go check on Dion and Dove. Dion was standing the corner with his hands behind his back.

We could hear the puppy muffled cries and I pulled him forward and found he had put the puppy in a plastic bag. I told him off and asked him what was he doing? He started crying and said he wanted the puppy now and that he was taking this one home!

I told him no, you already know that there to young and that they need there mother milk. Dion had a tantrum. My sister had to take him home. Dove was understandably agitated and was now wary on who comes near her pups.

I had decided over a couple of day's that I didn't trust Dion to have one of them. So when my sister came to vist, I told her that I didn't want to give Dion one of the pups after what he did.

She got upset with me and said it was a mistake and he learned his lesson. I said he didn't even apologize! She said what for? The puppy was fine. I got angry then and said what if Dove hadn't alerted us? The puppy could have died!

She said I was going to brake his heart if I go back on my promise. I said, I'm sorry but that's my final decision. She left angry. I've since been getting people on my back about braking my promise and that I'm a liar. I even got a video message of Dion crying and calling me name's. I'm starting to feel bad. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

noameba writes:

I couldn’t believe a video of him crying and calling her names was sent, because nothing screams he deserves a puppy more than those monsters trying to get it thru verbal abuse!! Id be going NC with anyone saying it’s no big deal, maybe I’m over the top but animals have more empathy than OPs family/friends … no no no NTA.

coronaextra writes:

NTA - ABSOLUTELY NOT THE ASSHOLE. You don’t put a living animal in a plastic bag. You cannot reasonably expect to receive a dog if you tried to steal it previously. (You can’t shoplift from a store, get caught, and try to remain in good standing as a customer) same thing applies here.

It’s your choice what happens to the puppies, and your choice who you sell them to. Not her.You’re not a liar. Had Dion not stolen the puppy, hid it from you, and scared the momma, you would’ve kept your promise.

However, the situation changed and therefor the promise is void. I’d keep a good eye on your pups to make sure she doesn’t try and take one for themselves.

feistyduckiling6 writes:

And this is a 10yo kid too! Like, I can see a 3yo not understanding it’s wrong to put an animal in a plastic bag and also maybe not understand you can’t steal it, but a 10yo?!? Yea that kid definitely knows all of that is wrong yet he did it anyways. And the mom’s reaction? Wow! No pup for that family.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her?

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