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Woman gives stepdaughter family heirloom; her 'real' daughter is furious.

Woman gives stepdaughter family heirloom; her 'real' daughter is furious.


A woman posted this question because she was troubled by her bio daughter's response to her giving a gift to her stepdaughter. Here's the story...

'AITA for giving my dad's chess set to my step daughter instead of my biological daughter?'

This has been causing mixed reactions and my daughter isn't happy, so decided to post. My (42) dad was a big chess fan. He made his own chess set, this was around the time the show 'MacGyver' got popular, and he made the pieces out of nuts and bolts.

My dad gave me the set when I was 20. I want to add this wasn't something my dad mentioned to do (it needs to be given to my kids, etc), just something I thought would be nice to pass down.

I have a daughter A (16) with my ex and a step daughter, T (20) through my husband. T and I are close and we have a good relationship.

T turned 20 a few months ago, the age I was when dad gave me the chess set. I thought about it and decided to gift the set to her. She isn't much of a chess player, but at this point the set is more of a decorative piece to admire, than something to actually play with. T has mentioned many times how much she likes it.

A is furious that I gave the set to T. I've sat her down and talked to her, that just like how she's my daughter, I consider T to be my daughter too. She's been very upset with me.

I don't think I did anything wrong. I told a couple of my friends and they agree that I should be treating my kids equally, but my mom isn't particularly happy with this either.

Sounds pretty straightforward, and probably a NTA, until she answerd these questions:

coastalkid92 asked:

INFO: when did T come into your life and did/has your dad ever have a relationship with T?

givingchessset OP answered:

I've been with my husband for 6 years, married for 4. And no, my dad passed 20 years ago.

mm172 asked:

INFO: Has A expressed any interest in chess or the chess board? How close was she with her grandfather? Does she have any other heirlooms of his already?

givingchessset OP answered:

A is a very good chess player. Dad passed when I was 22 so she unfortunately never got to meet him.

People jumped in after reading this:

happybanana134 said:

YTA. Stop kissing T's arse at your daughter's expense. Get your shit together.

A is a 'very good chess player'. T isn't fussed about chess. Neither A or T met your father...but he was A's grandfather who she'd have grown up imagining.

Your mother isn't happy with your decision which is pretty teling. If T was an avid chessplayer, I'd understand. But she isn't; she just happened to turn 20 before A. And kissing up to T is more important to you than your relationship with your own daughter.

Hopeful-Dream700 says:

OP’s father made the chess set to PLAY CHESS, and not as a decorative piece. T likes the looks of it, but not use it for intended purpose, it is wasted on her. On the other hand, A plays chess, she should have inherited it.

Pizzacato567 said:

EXACTLY. I’m a pianist and I inherited my grandpa’s piano. My mom tells me stories about him. I’ve never met him but I feel close to him when I use it.

I cannot IMAGINE if my family gave the piano to my sister who has no interest in pianos. The piano wasn’t in a playable state and I fixed it up and can play now.

So there you go. What is actually going on here? Seems like she's got a favorite daughter, and it's T.

Sources: Reddit
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