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Woman horrifies FIL when she reveals that he just drank her breastmilk. AITA?

Woman horrifies FIL when she reveals that he just drank her breastmilk. AITA?


When this mom accidentally plays a "prank" on her FIL, she asks Reddit:

"AITA For telling my in laws that my toddler has breastmilk with his cereal?"

My son is fifteen months (just over a year) and as such is still nursing. I don't see the point in giving him cows milk and freezing pumped milk so I just put my breastmilk over his cereal or in recipes I'm going to make him. He does have cows milk, just not regularly.

My in laws are currently staying with us. This morning I put my son in his high chair, fed him his cereal and left him to his own devices. My FIL was in the kitchen so I left to go wake up my oldest.

Anyway, I bring her down and find my FIL finishing my sons cereal. I laughed a little but went along with my morning.

When we all sat down to eat my FIL commented that the milk in my sons cereal tasted weird, asked if it was off. I then told him that he had breastmilk in his, our milk isn't off.

I swear he looked like he was going to keel over and vomit. He was angry and asked why I'd watch him drink it and not tell him. My MIL stepped in and agreed, I know he "finishes" everyones meals and I should have told him beforehand.

I do agree that I should have at least told him when he wa eating it but tbh I thought he saw me tip it from the bottle. My husband is on damage control and has agreed with all of us. He understands all povs etc. So, aita for not telling them I make his cereal with breast milk?

Let's see what readers thought.

rubixrube writes:

ESH a bit here. You should have told him immediately when you saw him eating your sons meal that he had breastmilk in the cereal. But also, what full grown adult just helps them to any and all food they just see laying around, especially a baby's??

stacyb125 writes:

NTA. You’re simply living your life taking care of your kids as you always do. It’s not your responsibility to police a grown ass man. If he’s going to go around acting like the family’s personal garbage disposal, he’s taking the risk of ingesting something he’s unaware is in the food.

This is all on him, a full grown adult who has been on this earth an entire generation longer than you. He needs to take responsibility for being the person who indiscriminately puts discarded food into his mouth without asking any questions.

breaksbreadbadly writes:

YTA - It's absolutely gross to let someone NOT your child consume your breastmilk without their knowledge or consent. It's still a bodily fluid, and it still contains your "germs."

And before the breastfeeding warriors come at me, I nursed both my kids till they were almost 3. I'm absolutely pro breastfeeding. It seems like you were teaching a lesson to the FIL who eats everyone's leftovers. Seems to me you probably knew this would happen.

sepiahitch writes:

NTA. He’s the one being a little piggy and eating food that wasn’t meant for him. Maybe he won’t do that next time. It’s not like you fed him poison. It’s arguably a lot less gross than cow’s milk when you think about it. At least you don’t live in a barn and drag your nipples through poo all day.

voiddroid writes:

ESH I'm so sorry but your whole family is weird and that's coming from a real weirdo myself! Eating leftover baby's food from someone else's baby is a weird thing to even consider, let along to do so without asking?

Then your reaction to chuckle to yourself about the whole thing instead of saying there is breastmilk in it. I mean, he'll be fine - he will live, but it's the aspect of knowing he would be psychologically weirded out by it and you choosing not to say anything and just shrug it off?

Suuuper weird man lmao, I think you all need to do some studying in human interaction - And I don't mean that condescendingly, I truly mean it, for your own good.

housezealousideal writes:

"I made my sons cereal with breastmilk knowing my FIL would probably finish it. I didn't tell him prior or when I saw him eating it."

This, from the Judgment Bot AITA, pretty much sums up why YTA. It's kind of weird for your FIL to just help himself to your baby's food, but there's no reason you couldn't have said something -- especially after you saw him eating the cereal.

landala writes:

I was once a pediatrics resident, and parents often brought us baked goods and other sweets to thank the floor for taking care of their sick babies.

One day we had our weekly sit down rounds and one of the nurses was cutting a cake that one of the moms brought for us. Some people started eating, but since I was the main resident on all of the patients discussed I did not have time to take a bite.

Minutes later the mother who brought the cake walked by and one of the nurses said how delicious the cake was. She said ‘oh great! I had so much milk left and it seemed like a terrible waste so baking with it seemed a great idea’.

Never have I seen more tissues pulled from a box in record time, never have I been more thankful for being at the bottom of the ladder. People do not like to eat your breastmilk… you should have immediately said something when he was eating it, but in stead you laughed. YTA

Looks like the jury's out. What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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