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Man shares teacher's 'provocative' IG account with other parents; is called 'stalker.'

Man shares teacher's 'provocative' IG account with other parents; is called 'stalker.'


You want your kids to be safe, so when should you interfere when it comes to their teachers? When this mother is concerned she asks the popular Reddit forum:

'AITA for sharing my son's teacher's Instagram account with the other parents?'

My son is 4 and this is his first year in pre-school. His teacher is called Mary and she's roughly in her early 30's, if that matters. We first met her on Monday when dropping him off and I didn't get the best vibes from her, so I looked her up on social media.

She posts provocative photos and is very active politically, going to marches and events and stuff like that. The vibes were already far from immaculate, but what I saw made me dislike her even more. I talked it over with my wife and we decided to ask some of the other parents what they thought of her.

We reached out to them and created a Whatsapp group where we started talking and I shared her account there. It wasn't well received from most parents either, mostly because of the provocative photos.

Nothing happened for a couple of days, but a fellow parent kept tracking her account and she saw she had uploaded a selfie with 3 of her students on Thursday.

The parents were furious about that and they went to the district supervisor first thing Friday morning. Since I was the once who started the group, he called me to confirm and hear my side of the story, and he asked me if I could come to his office in the evening.

I did. She was there along with a few other parents and we all started talking and trying to explain the issue. Voices were raised and, at one point, she started accusing me of stalking her and then sharing her account to perv on her with the other dads.

the 3 kids' faces were visible. Their parents were among those of us who were present in the supervisors office yesterday. I wasn't the one who found the pictures. Neither those of the 3 kids, nor those of previous students. BTW. Provocative = thirst traps.

I was like, lady, I was just trying to see what kind of person is going to be teaching my son, but she wasn't having any of it and kept arguing. Things escalated even more and the other parents demanded that she be removed from the class. I didn't outright concur or join with them, but I didn't object either.

The supervisor ordered her to take down the photos, along with any she had uploaded from her.

her previous students, but he didn't reach a conclusion. Rumor has it he's considering placing her in another school because the year just started, but we'll find out on Monday, I suppose. Anyway, was I the asshole here? Should I have just kept my worries to myself?

Well, let's see what Reddit had to say on this.

Introvertedmuser writes:

YTA. I find it particularly vile that OP is judging this woman based on “provocative photos.” Get over yourself, OP. Who are you that you get to determine what is “immodest” or “provocative?”

(I’m pretty sure I know what kind of person you are, and with that said, I’d remind you that the Bible even states that before the sin of man, Adam and Eve were naked and unafraid.

So what you’re really saying is that your “sinfulness” makes you afraid of the thought of a certain degree of nudity. Sounds like a “you” problem. And the various versions of “you” that I encountered when I tried practicing my faith years ago is why I stopped.

It was never good enough - even when I was covered from ankle to collarbones AND wearing sleeves, someone found a reason to complain about my attire, whether it was the platform heels, the dress leggings, or open-toed sandals. Gender-based oppression is a real thing, and you’re engaging in it.)

Quirkywolfe writes:

NTA.the teacher was definitely in the wrong for posting photos of students on their private Instagram without your consent and she should definitely remove the images and not post students again in the future.

catboy makes this interesting point:

Agreed on ESH, though I'd go a bit more with YTA. If the teacher did indeed share photos of her students on social media without their permission, that's a problem yes.

People need to be MUCH better about posting photos of others on social media without explicit consent, and this goes doubly true for minors who literally cannot consent. Yes the photos may be innocent ones of just existing in a school setting but privacy concerns online are something that we need to do better with as a society.

OP, I don't think you understand how much teachers have to compartmentalize themselves when they work in a public school. Was the teacher drinking in those photos? Doing pot? Dressed sexy? Flirting with others?

So long as she's doing this responsibly in her off-time away from the kids, there's nothing wrong with that. Those are all perfectly normal, human behaviors nearly all of us engage in.

Well, the jury's out on this one. What do YOU think?

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