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Woman asks if she was wrong to call cops on bf's daughter for disrespecting her.

Woman asks if she was wrong to call cops on bf's daughter for disrespecting her.


Raising kids is the hardest thing in the world. How do you raise a person not to be sh*tty? It's even harder when you have to help raise someone else's child. How do you get someone who isn't your kid to respect you enough to let you teach them not to be a sh*tty person. What's the last straw if they consistently disrespect you in your home?

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I The A**hole Subreddit, a woman asks if she was wrong to kick her boyfriend's daughter out for constantly disrespecting her and her son.

AITA for kicking out my BFs 19yo daughter?

Rent is going up, but our salaries aren't.

My BF of 3 years moved into my home three weeks ago after his lease went up, and he could not renew with the price hike they expected (his rent was $1600 for a two-bedroom, and upon signing a new lease, they said it was now $2400). I have a three-bedroom home and one son, 11. His room and my room have an attached bathroom, and the guest room does not.

Everything changes when you start living with someone.

We have lived here for five years, and I bought it last year. My BF has a 19yo daughter named Jess, who visits him on the weekends and lives at home with her mother. I never had any issues with her up until my BF moved in.

People would do anything to get their own bathroom.

When he moved in, Jess started becoming this b*tchy snob who had demand after demand that she fully expected me to meet. She wanted me to kick my son out of his room so she could have the room with an attached bathroom, stating that a boy didn't need a bathroom as much as a girl did. When I said no, she got vulgar and condescending whenever she was in my home.

Jess is using OP's son to practice her parenting skills.

She also tried parenting my son on more than one occasion, telling him what he can and cannot watch on the TV, what he can and cannot snack on, etc. There have been times when he has tried talking to us, and Jess will butt in and say something about how kids are 'so freaking annoying'.

If I speak up to her, she says, 'I don't believe I was talking to you' or roll her eyes at me. Bold for someone who does not pay rent or food costs to stay in my home.

Jess has an excuse for being a sh*t person.

I told her father last week that either he gets a handle on Jess or I give the boot to Jess. He immediately tells me I need to give her time because this is an adjustment for her and that apparently, she is having a hard time at her mom's house due to them arguing all the time.

I told him that wasn't my problem and that in my house, my son and I would not be treated like sh*t because she couldn't control her emotions and wanted to take her resentment out on us.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Jess wanted to find out what it meant to her.

He said he would talk with her. His talk did nothing at all. She confronted me about it and said, 'I don't know what game you're playing here, but respect is earned, not given, and I will not be granting you respect until you prove to me you deserve it.' She then walks to the living room where my son was watching TV, takes the remote from him, and tells him to move.

Whoop Whoop, it's the sound of the police.

At this point, I go in and immediately tell her to get out of my house. She refuses to go anywhere because her dad lives here, so I call her uncle, a police officer, and have her escorted from my house after she collected all her belongings. My BF says I crossed a line, so I told him he could leave too. He currently isn't speaking to me, locked away in my bedroom. AITA?

ChinSpin_1986 says:

Well, I guess you see who Jess inherited her hostile attitude.

NTA (Not the A**hole). Hold firm.

Therezna says:

NTA. Remove your bf too. He's not on your mortgage or house deed. He is a guest there at your discretion. If he's going to act this way, he's shown you who he is. Please get rid of him before he harasses you or your son.

Namshoke says:

NTA. At all.

Your boyfriend has been in your house less than 30 days. Tell him to get off your bed, pack his sh*t and get the eff out. Right now.

Then make him your ex.

The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. You know precisely where his entitled daughter got her attitude.

OP, is your BF's daughter Regina George?

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