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Woman takes in dying stray kitten despite no pets rule, her mother kicks her out.

Woman takes in dying stray kitten despite no pets rule, her mother kicks her out.


When this woman is torn about her cat, she asks Reddit:

'AITA For taking in a stray?'

So a bit of background story. I'm living in my grandma's house while she is in another state taking care of her mother.

She's been gone for two years. She apparently appointed my mom to be in charge of the house, even though my mom is in no way involved with the house.

There was a little stray kitten, very small and didn't seem to have its mother around. It looked like it might die alone, so I took it in, gave it flea meds and dewormed him.

My mother is very against having any more pets, and when she found out I took in the kitten she was beyond upset.

She was calling me a liar, calling me disrespectful, saying that I am selfish for doing it etc. and then kicked me out of the house, after making me take the kitten to the pound. AITA for not listening to the no pets rule?

Let's find out.

fishersofspam writes:

YTA in your own words you were asked not to bring an animal into the house yet you did anyway. Just because you don’t like the boundary that’s been set doesn’t mean you get to disregard it. I’m glad that you are kind to animals, however you aren’t the one in charge therefore like it or not you have to follow the rules.

Look at it this way, if you were renting a house and the landlord says no pets allowed would you still bring home a pet?

wiseequal8992 disagrees:

NTA, some people on this thread need to get a grip. A kitten? You are compassionate and caring, unlike the people that are making some of the comments.

So what if it isn't your house? So what if your mother is in charge? You helped an animal in need and your mother kicked you out? Let her pay the bills herself and you can get your own place and reclaim the kitten.

Well, is OP TA? Hard to say. What do YOU think?

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