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Woman asks if she's wrong to berate sister for naming baby after her late child.

Woman asks if she's wrong to berate sister for naming baby after her late child.


'AITA for being angry at my sis for naming her daughter the name I named my stillborn?'

For context I 32f and 30m husband have been trying for years to have a baby with no luck. We tried really hard and tried everything possible so when we found out we were finally expecting we were eractic!!!

My family were so excited for us and my mum was finally looking forward to being a nana because my sister was very adamant she didn't want children for years. My sister 27f found out she was pregnant when I was 6 months pregnant and didn't seem excited about it but decided to keep the baby anyway.

Everything was found u til one night I was in severe pain and had to deliver my baby who wasn't breathing. It was extremely devasting to me and had alot of support from family and friends.

Well my sister due date came along and she finally had her little one and decided to name her new baby the name I had given to my baby.

I got extremely angry and upset with her telling her it was uncomfortable and inconsiderate to name her this name and she shouldnt have picked it but she's telling me it's a 'tribute' to her dead cousin. I screamed at her.

I'm now refusing to talk to her and our family are telling me I'm being a drama queen and 'a name is just a name' and I should be proud of having a tribute.

We went through a burial and everything and they saw how devastated I was and still am. AITA for being made at my family for supporting my family?

Well, let's see what Reddit had to say.

jexorcist writes:

YTA. It sounds like your sister may have been intending to do something ‘good’ by ‘honoring’ your child…especially since she wasn’t thrilled at her pregnancy during a time you went from thrilled to absolutely destroyed.

I’m guessing she felt weird seeming too happy or sad or too anything about the pregnancy she didn’t originally want while you suffered and mourned, and maybe in her hormone haze she truly believes that this is a ‘tribute’ to you and your loss.

slowowl says:

NTA. You are grieving. There are a gazillion names she could have picked and the fact she did it as a tribute to your child without consulting you is weird.

While a name is just a name it's too soon for that name to be used by someone who claims to love you. It is true no one owns the name but everytime you see that child you will be reminded of your little one. It was incredibly insensitive at best down right cruel at worst.

2058834558 makes this point:

ESH. I'm so sorry for your loss. Should your sister not change the name, I hope their can be some middle ground where you can give the baby a nickname.

Something you and your family can use that won't be a constant reminder. If your sister cares at all she should atleast give you this. She should have discussed her naming choice with you first before using that name that was so wrong.

Well, seems like the jury's out on this one. What would you have done in this situation? Is OP in the wrong OR is the sister toxic?

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